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'Pokémon Generations' Trailer: 5 Things We've Learned About The New, Darker Anime

Be still, our beating hearts! Ash is back!

Pokémon is still in the midst of celebrating its 20th anniversary year in the way you’d expect it to. We have a pair of games, Pokémon Sun & Moon, to look forward to which are set to hit the Nintendo 3DS in a couple months and Pokémon GO just released its new buddy system update.

Then it was announced that a new anime series starring everyone’s favorite trainer Ash Ketchum would release in Japan in mid-November, coinciding with the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Now, if two new games and Ash’s return weren’t great enough, today it was announced that The Pokémon Company would be releasing a 2nd anime season named Pokémon Generations. A short trailer was released, check it out:

With all the hype building and awesome action in the trailer, there is a lot to take in, but here are 5 things that we’ve learned about the new, darker anime. Also, because have to mention it: Be still, our beating hearts! Ash is back!

5. It Doesn't Follow the Original Pokémon Anime

Pokémon Generations is set to recount the adventures through the generations of games (hence the ‘generations’ name). The original anime was seemingly disconnected from the games outside of its premise, whereas Pokémon Generations will follow more in line with the anime miniseries, Pokémon Origins which was based on Pokémon Red and Blue (Green in Japan). Pokémon Generations will focus on the various games and bring to life some of the most recognizable moments from each game.

4. Each Episode Will Only Be 3-5 Minutes

Seeing as each episode is set to be released on the Official Pokémon Channel on YouTube, each episode will be significantly shorter than the standard 23 minutes without commercial breaks. One episode will be released each week (2 on the debut of Sept. 16th) and will run through December 23.

Each episode will range from 3-5ish minutes and will be self-contained, so each episode won’t need to be watched to know what’s happening in the next. But you’re going to watch them all, so that shouldn’t matter much.

3. Pokémon Generations Hopes to Bring Together Fans of All Ages

Each episode is geared to relive classic adventures from across the generations of games and gamers alike. Gamers from across the age spectrum should be able to find at least one episode that brings them back to their time spent playing the games.

The Pokémon Company hopes that Pokémon Generations will reconnect older gamers with upcoming anime series as well as the new games, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

2. We'll See a Ton of Incredible Pokémon Battles in Action

The trailer showed a glimmer of what we can most likely expect from the 18 episode series on YouTube. We saw several instantly recognizable moments like:

  • Lance’s Dragonite and the Red Gyarados battle at the Lake of Rage
  • The final battle between Red and Blue (from the original games)
  • The Legendary Beasts from Pokémon Gold & Silver
  • Regigigas’ final confrontation from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
  • As well as several of the major characters from across the generations (Giovanni from Reb/Blue, Lysandre from X/Y, N from Black/White)

1. It Will Be Noticeably Darker

The original anime tended to focus on the fun, carefree atmosphere of capturing the lovable pocket monsters. Of course, there some occasional dark Easter eggs, but it was overall pretty light. Whereas it appears that Pokémon Generations will take a much more serious role in the preservation of the Pokémon characters. Generations will focus more on the action and sheer unmatched power of Pokémon.

Considering that at one point in the trailer we saw a group of armored police officers storm a building with an Arcanine and a Machamp, we should be in line to have an action-filled escapade into the world of our favorite Pokémon.

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'Pokémon Generations' Trailer: 5 Things We've Learned About The New, Darker Anime
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