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PS4 Spider-Man: Backpack Collections

Everything You Need to Know About the Backpack Collection

Spider-Man (a.k.a. Peter Parker) is notorious for losing his backpack, which comes with losing all of the cool stuff that he has collected over the years. Now you can choose to go through the game without collecting these backpacks, if you do choose not to, then you will not be able to unlock suits, suits mods or gadget upgrades. The reason for you not being able to unlock or upgrade these items is because you don't have enough tokens. There are six kinds of tokens, one of them, from collecting your old backpacks. By having these tokens you can wear new suits, and upgrade them, and use cool gadgets that can not only help you fight crime but fight it in style. 

If you are a total Marvel and Spider-Man super fan then you will love collecting these backpacks. Not only do they give you tokens they have cool items in them, which are Easter eggs to the Marvel and Spider-Man universe.  

There are 55 backpacks to collect in total that are all over the city. The way to finding these backpacks is pretty easy, when you unlock the surveillance towers placed all over the city, it will come up with green icons on your map and that is the location of them. When you get to the location you may not see the backpacks at first. However, there is a way to see them better without moving around the location. Simply press your R3 button down and you will see more things that you couldn't before. One of these things will be a backpack that has glowed up a gold color for you to see better, then just follow the color and press your triangle button when it comes up with it on the screen. 

Once you have collected all 55 backpacks you will be able to unlock a secret suit. The suit is called "homemade suit" which is the none other than the suit, which Tom Holland himself wears in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter Parker made it himself before upgrading to the suit Tony Stark made him and then took off of him, to then give it back to him.  

In my opinion, this is a great way for the players to not only upgrade and unlock suits and gadgets, but to discover and see the whole of the city that Peter Parker grew up in and protects.  

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PS4 Spider-Man: Backpack Collections
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