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PSN Hits 70M Active Users — Only 25% Have PlayStation Plus

It's not surprising that the steady growth of Sony's PlayStation Network has been an arduous task to keep up with.

Since the adoption of PlayStation Plus becoming required with many of todays biggest hits, it's not surprising that the steady growth of Sony's PlayStation Network has been an arduous task to keep up with. With DDoS attacks, hackers having a blast, and the holiday seasons hampering connectivity, there's no surprise that there's a reason why. PlayStation Network currently is the LARGEST gaming network next to PC apps such as Steam and

Over the course of the PlayStation 4's current 3 going on 4 year life span, there's no surprise that it is a living environment that requires love and care by the company that runs it. With its growth growing steady and PlayStation Plus now a requirement for many of todays big hits like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, and even Grand Theft Auto V's online features, gamers are currently forced into subscriptions for online services.

PlayStation Network Only Has 25% Of It's Users Subscribed to PlayStation Plus?!

Courtesy: Nexon

While it's certainly daunting that this is required for consoles, there's something that's going to make you scratch your head a bit, and wonder if Sony isn't doing something quite right at this time.PlayStation Plus only has approximately 25% of its user base as PlayStation Plus subscribers.

While there certainly is reason to be asking questions, there may be a simple reason behind this: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita/TV don't require PlayStation Plus for online. Lets take that in for a second. Neither platform, out of the two legacy platforms, require PlayStation Plus for you to enjoy your games online.

Even though this seems cringe worthy, it may seem so since the PlayStation 4 has reportedly shipped over 60M units, which very well means many of these may have already sold, and or are awaiting sale. It still brings the questions that Sony needs to be asking: Why are people not subscribing? Is PlayStation Network really that troubled for subscribers? It seems so on Sony's behalf as they are taking an initiative to enhance the PlayStation Plus service. These changes could very well hit PlayStation Plus in June as we haven't seen what's coming forth from June quite yet.

What Could These "Big" Changes Mean?

Courtesy: EA/DICE

With PlayStation Plus having few incentives to subscribe. These new incentives could include things such as more games, PlayStation VR games, and even triple A titles for PlayStation 4. While we could hope for other intricate details, it seems Sony may very well have us awaiting for the news in the upcoming days. We can only assume Sony will announce something by the end of next week.

Lets just hope it means some astonishing discounts, new PS Plus offers, or even some brand new free games that sit along the lines of titles such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1.

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PSN Hits 70M Active Users — Only 25% Have PlayStation Plus
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