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QONQR: World in Play

A Fast Paced Tactical Augmented Reality Game

App splash screen

Welcome to QONQR: World In Play, a uniquely fast-paced and tactical augmented reality game that has you battling your bots against the enemies, to gain control of the various zones that surround you.

The game-lore tells us that QONQR, a class IV AI of unknown origin, has been discovered on the internet. Although its true intentions are unknown, it is clearly powerful. The three rival factions battle and capture population centres around the world to attempt to control it and the world.

The first choice you must make upon starting is which faction to align yourself with and fight for. There are three options to pick from:

  • The Legion, who wish to destroy all signs of QONQR and save all of humanity.
  • The Swarm are convinced that QONQR will bring around a new age of technology and prosperity.
  • The Faceless, a loosely organised militant faction that want the technologies of QONQR for their own ends.

Once you have chosen a side to fight for, you are to begin launching/deploying bots into enemy zones in attempt to seize control of them. It is worth noting that in the beginning you are better off launching attacks on the enemy than launching defensive bots into your own (faction) zones. This is simply because at lower levels your bots are weaker and therefore more easily destroyed. When launching bots into a zone you are presented with a scope of various different bots to send in either defensively or offensively. Each has a description that can aid strategizing attacks. There are 11 different bots available to launch, all have varying defensive/offensive properties. Seven of the 11 bot types require you to purchase ordinance (ammunition) in order to launch them into a zone. Not all of these bot types will be available straight away, a couple are awarded by levelling up, the others require purchasing upgrades to unlock their usage.

Unlike most other location based games, QONQR doesn't necessarily need you to be out and about to play. This is simply because the developers have opted to have individual launch ranges for bots over the usual area of intent player range. Most only cover 20-30 miles, but some like the nanomissile can be launched into zones upto 1,200 miles from your position. The only game mechanic that does require travel is the planting of bases to earn qredits to spend in store. When planting a base it is "locked" to the zone you are in. This means to plant more bases you have to physically visit more zones. There is a limit to the number of bases you can have, but that rises as you level up.

There are also "primary" and "daily" missions to complete for qredits to spend. The daily missions tend to be fairly easy to complete and give a small reward. The primary missions tend to be a bit harder and have a three star rated reward. Meaning the quicker you get it done the better the reward. Generally I find the three star rewards often impossible to complete, but it is always worth a shot as the rewards can be great.

On top of all of this, during the first week of each month is an event called Atlantis. During the first phase of Atlantis, you are to help find and fill all six of your faction's Atlantis zones with as many bots as possible. The second phase is when you can launch bots into your enemies Atlantis zones as well as into Atlantis prime. At the end of the event the faction holding the most Atlantis zones with the most bots wins. The reward is a million qredits that is distributed amongst the top 100 contributors. The reward is scaled so the top contributors get more than the "lower" contributors.

If you think you might be interested in playing I have put in a link.