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Rainbow Six Siege: Blood Orchid DLC Review

Rainbow Six Siege: Blood Orchid Operators and Bios

Rainbow Six Siege, the one game that really shows a serious amount of teamwork for attackers and defenders. They released new operators in there new update Operation Health with the operators of being from France (GIGN) supporting them to their knowledge of Medical, Support, and Technology. The operators were, Twitch, Montagne, Doc, and Rook, personally the GIGN operators are my favorite personally Doc, but this new DLC that recently came out or is coming out is releasing new operators from Hong Kong (SDU) and one from Poland (GROM). Here are the new operators and there abilities.

Liu "Lesion" Tze Long

Lesion is a defending operator with his ability to throw down cloaked toxic mines called GU, injecting people right into there ankle and killing them slowly. Liu Tze Long worked with his father in a ship breaking company, slowly when it was dying down him and his father did demolition jobs under the table, later on his father was injured in his back Liu was 19 at the time. During that time period, they started getting pretty low on money and needed fast, so he joined up with China's undertake mine, defusing hazardous ammunitions for two years. He returned to Hong Kong and joined up with the Special Duties Unit (SDU) to deal with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorist threats.

Siu "Ying" Mei Lin

Ying is an attacking operator, her ability is using cluster of flash charges named CANDELA that can either be anchored on surfaces (kinda like Fuze's cluster bombs) or can thrown out as a grenade. Her cluster flash charges are the size of a baseball so its easy to be thrown, she also has special eye goggles so she can't be flashed by her charges. Siu Mei Lin was a close protection operative before joining up with the Special Duties Unit (SDU). With her reflexes and cunning CQB skills, she took the lead on several VIP and witness protection operations. Before all that though, she joined an elite security service school after graduation. Aiming to become an all-purpose operative, she then traveled to a female exclusive training facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. She spent two years developing an expertise in firearms and driving maneuvers, part of Operation High Sun. She later on applied for Special Duties Unit (SDU), she became the CQB for the SDU to ensure minimum casualties while leading high risk operations.

Elżbieta "Ela" Bosak

Ela is a defending operator, her ability is the GRZMOT MINE, its a concussion proximity mine that can be anchored on surfaces, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect. Elżbieta Bosak was born in Wroclaw, Poland; she's a former commander of the Polish Special Forces Unit called GROM. She had trouble in school when she lived in Poland, so she left and went to Berlin, she studied Fine Arts. Later on she became friends of the owner of a small private military company, who made a job offer to her, she accepted. She worked as a PMC in Iraq, later gaining reputation, known to possess an impressive range of abilities. Four years later, her father took his own life; a few months later she terminated her contract and starting training to pass the GROM selection as a civilian but the GROM saw a rare opportunity. She then developed an expertise in Countering Threat Networks (CTN).

That's all the operators' info, now the review. The operator's personally all seem military like group, which is mostly everybody, but these are pretty powerful people. You have two Hong Kong operators with deadly attacks and defenses, and a Polish commander with some deadly mines. The question is though, why have two Hong Kong operators then add an Polish operator with it, maybe to mix up a bit or to add more operators from different countries? Ying seems to me the most powerful operator due to the fact her flash charges can affect the enemy and not her, she could flash the room, run in, and gun down everyone and secure the bomb or get the hostage. The two defenders are pretty good, Ela has a certain amount of mines she can place down (4 I think). Lesion starts off with one GU and can replenish more over time, once he throws them they cloak up and no one can see them other then I.Q. with her ability.

That's a short review I know but its my opinion on how the new Operators are going to be OP (Over powered), especially Ying with her flash charges, unless someone on the defending team has Jäger to stop them from coming in. Oh well, the new DLC for Rainbow Six Siege looks amazing and I can't wait to get the operators.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Blood Orchid DLC Review
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