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Remember 'No Man's Sky'? Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Your Hype In Check In 2017

Hype can destroy our actual experiences with the games we've awaited the release of.

Courtesy of Guerrilla Games

As the days begin to countdown to 2017. We have to begin our preparation for some of next years biggest games that include games like the highly anticipated Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, and even Mass Effect: Andromeda - we have to take notes on the hype train that is preparing to leave the station.

There is, however, something we have to remember as we board that train and prepare for our upcoming titles. That thing is the need to remember that our hype for these titles can become unbelievable due to the hype that surrounded No Man's Sky. A very game that serves as a crude reminder of how hype can destroy our actual experiences with the games we've awaited the release of.

To help with the hype, here's a few steps you can take in order to not find your enjoyment of a game marred by the extensive amount of hype surrounding the game.

5. Ignore the hype build-up by the publisher or news outlets.

While this one sound shard, there's always the need to have some form of media hype surrounding a game. For Horizon: Zero Dawn we already know the hype is real. With the game focusing on a rather large open world, gathering systems, combat systems, and exploration - we can only expect to see a bit more of the games mechanics before long.

For now, it's safe to assume that avoiding trailers, videos, and suggestive articles that could hype up the game more than it's worth.

4. Do your own research - don't let others do it.

When looking to get that big game about to come out, one of the best things you can do is prepare to do your own research. Even when looking to gaming news sites, remember, there are plenty of ways to research. Developers are open to answering fan questions through their forums and social media outlets. Asking them directly can sometimes alleviate over assumed thoughts about an upcoming game and can provide you the experience you wanted.

3. Wait for streamers, reviewers, and even dev streams for the game.

Wanting to see your game being played or wait till it comes out? There's excellent sources to see what that game has to offer by hitting up streaming services such as YouTube Gaming and Both of these services offer live streaming of new, old, and even current games for those of you wanting to find out as much as possible.

2. Rent the game, if possible, once it's available.

This is one that's never a bad idea. Want to try it out before chucking out 60+ bucks for a game? Just wait till it's rentable on services such as Gamefly, Redbox, and or other providers.

1. Just wait. Don't expect more than what is out there.

Courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Expectations can get us in trouble. That's where the hype train begins. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard isn't innocent of this, neither was Final Fantasy XV. Both games are surrounded by demo's and updates to those demos for fans to enjoy. The demo's and trailers give us a glimpse of what we can hope to expect from the full game, but guess what? That can cause us to assume more than what's readily available for us to see.

Just remember, what is out there, is just what you should expect from the game when it releases.

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Remember 'No Man's Sky'? Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Your Hype In Check In 2017
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