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'Resident Evil 2 Remake: One-Shot Demo' Review!

Zombies! Gore! And Tofu?!

I didn't know what to expect when playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake: One-Shot Demo for PS4. I knew there would be a 30-minute timer (which you can go back to play if you create another PS4 account shhhh) but other than that I was clueless.

I've been a fan of the zombie horror franchise since the original game with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine-back before Sony Pictures ruined it with those horrible live action films. So I can attest to the many frustrating times I had to find a stupid anchor key, then find that same door which needs the anchor key, fight off freaking crows, deal with the corny "You were almost a Jill sandwich" joke and Wesker's betrayal.

And when I heard Capcom was remaking Resident Evil 2, I'll admit I wasn't a happy camper because my favorite character Jill Valentine, hasn't been shown since Resident Evil 5 when she was presumed dead after tackling Wesker out of the window, only to be revealed alive and well. Just alive since she was under Wesker's control and being infected with a virus which made her pale and blonde—but other than that she was alive!

Capcom even neglected to mention her whereabouts in the last CGI movie Resident Evil Vendetta which saw Chris Redfield teaming up with Leon S. Kennedy to save Rebecca Chambers (remember her?) from the grips of a psycho.

Maybe Jill will be mentioned in the next original game? Eh, who knows?

But for now, let's talk about the RE2 Remake: One-Shot Demo!

I was wrapping up my latest side mission in Watch_Dogs 2 when my brother walked in and told me the demo for RE2 dropped. I quickly went to the Playstation Store and downloaded it, faster than I could recite the lyrics to "Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani, which is accurately fast.

Once the game started I had to test the brightness of the screen to make sure it was dark enough in the right parts yet light in the other right parts—the last game I did this in was a Silent Hill game.

Once we finished that, I was met with the 30-minute timer and a little blurb telling Leon S. Kennedy's travel to the city and how he already met Claire Redfield. They were separated and now we are dropped off in the RCPD Precinct, which is exactly where the demo starts.

Practice your controls as soon as the game starts. You're going to need to be swift in the future. Remember, this game is limited so any time you waste is time you will not get back. If you're going upstairs stay on your right hand side as you'll find ammo at the end of the hall, but every door upstairs is locked!

I logged onto a computer where I saw a RCPD officer running down the hall getting chased by a zombie, he tells the camera he found exits and wrote them all in his notebook.

So we head to a gate that has the words "Do Not Open!" on it. Why couldn't we listen? Because it's Resident Evil, we're not supposed to listen to signs that warn us we could become zombie food in less than two seconds.

We crawl under the gate to find blood and water all over the floor—a very welcoming sight.

As we navigate through the halls of a few locked doors and knocked over book shelves, we come across a gate where someone is yelling from the other side to "Let me in!" So, of course Leon does.

(Olympia from Birdbox will be proud.)

We see it's the officer from the video, we try to pull him out from under the gate, but he's screaming and yelling that something got him, blood spills out and we finally yank him in! Only problem? He's missing the bottom portion of his body.

It's a gruesome mess that made me smile and appreciate the graphics even more.

We get the notebook he was talking about in the video and try to head out but BLAM! Our first zombie!

I do admit, the controls are very easy (at least I thought so while playing on the PS4). But if you're a fan of every zombie movie and show out there, then you'll know, "Shoot for the head." Heck, even Jill Valentine (played by actress Sienna Guillory in the live film Resident Evil Apocalypse) said those same exact words, that is proven useless here.

It takes about a few shots in the head for them to go down like a sack of potatoes. I'm hoping the shotgun does more damage, I sadly didn't get that far to know.

As we leave that office, we're faced with another zombie. We go back to where we came from-the main hall of the RCPD precinct where we're attacked by another zombie. This is a cut scene so take a breather now-it's not like Leon is going to die. He's saved by a wounded and infected Lieutenant Marvin Branagh. After the cut scene, the Lieutenant hands Leon a knife (because those come in handy when facing hordes of zombies).

It does come in handy to cut off tape from a fuse box to open the gate where we have to go through next. 

There are a few dead bodies we'll encounter—remember true RE fans, if they're lying face down on the ground or seated they are not dead!

There are points where Leon will have to climb on a shelf and then through a window-which I thought adding that feature was amazing, then again I've played Watch_Dogs 1 and 2 so I was trying to do some parkour—and Leon clearly wasn't cooperating.

You will meet a zombie banging on a vending machine. Not only kill him, but kill him again! Meaning once he's down, slash his head over and over, because failing to do this will cause him to rush into the RCPD office a few seconds later.

You will spot his friend who is playing possum on the ground and slash him repeatedly as well. SPARE NO ONE!

You will enter the RCPD office to find a zombie slumped over on his desk as if he had a long day of work. Take him out!

Then you will find another zombie, kill him! In that room, you'll also find a few safes with combination locks, I don't think they were very important in the demo, but they will be in the actual game.

Once you clean house and pick up one bullet for ammo, you will leave the room and walk down the hall to find a zombie banging on the glass window.

What I enjoy about this remake is the fact, you will find wooden boards, use those wooden boards to board up the windows and stop the zombies from breaking in.

After I board up the window, I run upstairs to find a zombie sitting up on the floor. Shoot her before she gets up and tackles you down the stairs and also before her friend joins her, although when I played, her friend manages to go over the staircase railing.

This is where I ended up biting the dust.

By the time I was revived, I only had three minutes to spare and it was useless since I was low on ammo.

Looking for ammo in the game is a scavenger hunt—like most RE games, but like most other games you will find better weapons along the way; and seeing how this is a precinct I would imagine there is an artillery closet nearby with better guns.

The knife is a feature that comes in handy when cutting through tape, but it doesn't help when a zombie has you in its grip. As you stab it with the knife, the zombie will have the knife lodged in them and since you have no bullets and can't fight them off, you end up dying a lot faster.

Once you finish the demo, you are shown a new trailer for the game. In the trailer you see Claire, Sherry (cue eye roll), Leon and an incognito Ada Wong. Yes she does have on her red RE2 outfit, but why she chose to wear big sunglasses and a trench coat during a zombie infestation, is beyond me.

At the end of the trailer we are also shown HUNK and Tofu, who was a secret character from Resident Evil 2. Tofu was created by Capcom just to test the game's collision detection which obviously worked out well for him since he's been a fan favorite for some time. (Both available for DLC I'm sure.)

I'm also sure if you search on Youtube or PS4 live or whatever console you have, you will see a live stream of players who actually gotten further than I did.

But from what I played, I did enjoy this game and I cannot wait to see the impact it'll make when it's released in a few weeks.

Until then, back to Watch_Dogs!

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'Resident Evil 2 Remake: One-Shot Demo' Review!
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