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'Resident Evil' WTF? Moments

Capcom's Horror Series: 'Resident Evil'

If you're a massive fan of Capcom's horror series Resident Evil like me then you will know there are a lot of things that defy logic in this game: ranging from a man punching a boulder to some questionable acting skills. In this blog I will be talking about my top Resident Evil WTF moments (these will be in no certain order).

Let's begin...

'Resident Evil 7': Ethan's Magical Leg

When playing Resident Evil 7 we meet Ethan Winters who heads out into Louisiana to find his missing wife, Mia. When we get there, we are instantly thrown into the weird and creepy. My main moment is Ethan's leg magically reattaching and working after getting hacked off by Jack Baker.

To me it is extremely illogical, especially since the creators wanted this game to feel more realistic... Nailed it! Although it was the most unrealistic thing I have seen in the game, it does bring creepy and weird to the table so a big thumbs up to Capcom for that.

'Resident Evil 4': Ingrid Hunnigan breaks the fourth wall.

Resident Evil 4 is where we see Leon Scott Kennedy in Rural Europe looking for the missing President's daughter. He is on a solo mission but he always has his long distance informative Ingrid Hunnigan who is just a phone call away.  

When we start the game, everything seems pretty normal. We kill a couple of zombies and enjoy the sounds of the forest, but when we get a phone call from Ingrid saying that she has something for us, it gets weird... as she gives us a playing manual! An actual playing manual. Hunnigan breaks the fourth wall as she stated it can help you play the game. No other game or character states that they are in a video game, so I was confused as hell. But I do have one question... does it come with cheat codes? 

'Resident Evil: Code Veronica X': Alfred the Smitten Kitten

Code Veronica X is a spin off a game which deviates from the main story line but still contributes massively. In this game, we meet Alexia and Alfred Ashford who are twins—one is a intellectual genius while the other is completely smitten with their sibling to the point where it turns creepy. 

The Twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford

Alexia is sent into hibernation due to the Veronica virus infecting her body. This lasts a good number of years, driving her brother Alfred to go mad with loneliness. He will stop at nothing to protect his sister. It even gets to a point where he will dress up like her to provoke others. Also, he will speak of her in ways which will make you think that these two are more than brother and sister. If that doesn't get you creeped out then nothing will. Of course we get to a point where one twin kills the other but I'll save that for you to enjoy. 

'Resident Evil 5': Chris vs Boulder

Resident Evil 5 was the first RE game I played of the series and fell in love instantly. When I first played this game there was a lot of stuff that confused me which ranged from plants being able to heal gunshot wounds to a whole town of people disappearing at the turn of a head. But the one thing that got me was the fact that Chris Redfield on steroids was able to punch a boulder three times his size into a pit of lava in a volcano.

Now don't get me wrong, this is pretty impressive but how in the world would you manage that without breaking a single bone in your hand? Not to mention doing it alone, this would require massive amounts of strength and pain resistance. If I saw a man do this in real life I would sign his arse up for the World's Strongest Man tournament. But still... pretty cool. GO CHRIS! SHOW THAT BOULDER WHO IS BOSS!

'Resident Evil 1': Oscar Winning Acting Skills!

Resident Evil 1 is the game which kicks off the series. Here we see S.T.A.R.S Alpha going on the search for their missing teammates (Bravo Team). This is the only game in the series to have real life actors act out the cutscenes. I thought this was a good idea!... Until I actually saw it and realised it was a terrible mistake. 

This is the original opening scene of the game. The acting is so cheesy but does create a sense of horror. It is supposed to entice you to play the game but in my opinion it just makes me laugh! I understand that Capcom did probably have a budget while designing this game but seriously... who let this on the drawing board? 

"And the award for the worst acting goes to... CAPCOM!"  

Credit for the Youtube video goes to Mcpattern 

'Resident Evil 4': The Friendly Merchant

Everybody knows that when you go up against a group of zombies, it is important to have the best weapons and the best healing items. And where will you get all this? From your local merchant for a good price. The Merchant in Resident Evil 4 is basically your best friend throughout the whole game. With him you can buy and sell the best items the game has to offer. With his magical coat of wonders you can go up against any boss and survive thanks to your best friend.

Not only does he have the best of the best but he is literally everywhere you go! You turn a corner and BAM! He is there waiting for you to do business. This is weird as he doesn't attract attention to the infected, always in places before you get there even if it's behind a massive locked door. If you accidentally kill him he respawns and has that creepy voice that will make you run a mile if you saw him on a night out, but overall... he is a damn good guy.

'Resident Evil 7': Chris? Is that you?

At the end of Resident Evil we finally get a breather to relax and watch the hero get his reward. After playing this game we sit and think, "God! Nothing bad can happen now?" WRONG! At the end fans of Resident Evil were met with a horrible surprise... Chris Redfield has a new face! As game companies get more money, they tend to upgrade a characters look, but Capcom went too far with this one. 

This caused a massive uproar in the fan base as many fans were left angry to this change saying "It isn't Chris Redfield" or "It has to be a look-a-like." When Capcom came forward to say that it was indeed Chris Redfield, this made matters worse as many had speculated that it could be a person pretending to be Chris. Others had produced other theories to why this had happened. But sadly we no longer have the adoring hunk of a man, but instead left with a let down. Many had said that Capcom changed his look in Resident Evil 6 but not too much as all they did was deflate his muscles and give him a haircut. But Capcom... what have you done? #NotMyChris

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'Resident Evil' WTF? Moments
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