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Retro Review

'Max Payne 3'

The locations are fantastic in this game; Max is in the Brazilian slums here.

I'll be honest when I say that when I picked up Max Payne 3 for X Box 360 for around £12.50, I didn't expect to play it for long. About four years later and I'm actually on to my eighth play through. Needless to say I got my money's worth when I purchased this title. For those of you who haven't heard of Max Payne it was a franchise that began on PC. The game is an action shooter, which uses 'Matrix like' slow motion action sequences as a cool gameplay gimmick. Basically you'll be in the middle of a shoot out with a bunch of baddies, and you can slow down time to pick them off one by one. This third installment of the series is probably the best, with it's ridiculously detailed graphics and tactical gameplay. Max Payne is the tragic story of a talented police officer who's wife and baby daughter were murdered. While the previous games have Max chasing drug cartels and secret society members, this game has him doing bodyguard work for the rich elite in Brazil.

And I will always love yooooou!

Max helps his employer's wife out of a helicopter into a night club.

As soon as you start the main story you'll see that you're playing a different type of game altogether here. The graphics are insane, and each level begins with a cut sequence to the action in the level. The graphic novel is no longer used to tell the narrative as before, but Rockstar gives a nod to it in the loading screens. The beginning mission happens when Max's employer Rodrigo Branco is taken hostage at a rich party. From here the player is expected to shoot through an army of Brazilian gangsters. It's immersive stuff, tapping into the political situation in Brazil. The game play has came along drastically since the previous games, as Max can do everything you'd expect from this type of shooter. He can take cover behind walls, blind fire his gun and utilize the environment to his advantage. Max can also do his signature acrobatic moves, such as diving in various directions to shoot.

A Good Day to Die Hard!

Max Payne does his best Bruce Willis impression.

The levels are incredible, ranging from various night clubs, football stadiums, boats, and flavelas. Rockstar gives an excellent portrayal of the various corruption between the police and paramilitary, which is a good excuse for the action. Max can't really trust anyone; hopelessly blaming himself for things he can't control. He's a likeable character if a bit pessimistic, but who could blame the guy what he's been through. Rockstar has added some action set pieces, which the player gets to control. Now and again Max will slide down a roof or swing off a chain, allowing the player to empty their gun. The environments are detailed when it comes to their physics too, as you'll shoot bottles off a bar or paper off a desk. If Max needs to shoot through a window he'll bash it from cover first, before firing his weapon.

Will it come out for PS4 and X Box One?

Max in a remote location trying to rescue Fabiana.

With the incredible graphics and fantastic gameplay I'm surprised Rockstar games haven't repackaged this game for a 'next gen' release.'

That said, they maybe too busy maintaining Grand Theft Auto Online to do anything with it. If you still have your Playstation 3 or X Box 360 you can get this title for as little a £3 in the UK. It's definitely in my top 10 games of all time, and I think after you play it you'll agree. The multiplayer is pretty good at focusing on death matches between the various factions in Brazil. Multiplayer isn't really my bag, but I did enjoy this, which may make it more appealing to fans. Get this game for cheap while you can, because if it is re-released the price will go up on old copies as well. I give this five out of five and with various levels of difficulty you'll get more than one play through.