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Review of 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' RPG Game *Spoilers Alert

'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' RPG Game

The beginning of the game is quite exciting. They follow the theme of the story. Professor McGonagall writes out Hogwarts Letters to be sent out by owl. Your character then arrives at Diagon Alley. Whether your character is Male or Female, you meet a new friend, also a first-year. She is the first person you have an encounter with and she assists you on where to go to get your supplies.

You gather all your books and Flourish and Botts before you get your wand at Ollivanders. It takes you on the journey of the train ride before you arrive at Hogwarts. Your name is known at the school because of a sibling that had a breakdown and now has disappeared. You get sorted into the house that you want before you explore a common room. At the beginning of the sorting ceremony, you learn that Harry just survived an attack from You-Know-Who.

You learn he will join you at Hogwarts later on. You encounter Professor Snape, Professor Flitwick, and Madame Hooch. You also encounter more new friends, Ben and Rowan. You then meet the school bully, Merluda, and other students that are not pleased with you being at the school. As you begin the game you go to Potions, Charms, and Quidditch.

As you go to those classes you learn how to make a potion, broom maintenance, and different spells. You also have small side tasks that you can do before or after your lessons. In order to move past the next chapter, you have to finish all the lessons. So far in the game, one of the hardest things to deal with is the amount of energy you have.

There are 26 Energies in total and four minutes before you can earn more energy. This takes time to earn and is very frustrating when your lessons are short-timed. It can really drag you down and slow you down. During your lessons, you have a choice after completing a task to earn Courage points, Knowledge Points, and Empathy Points. Sometimes if you are lucky you can earn 1 extra Energy.

As you continue your classes you learn about a mystery that is related to your brother's disappearance. You and Rowan will start to explore the school and try to understand the visions that you see and the voices that you hear. Merluda never stops; she will continue to bully and bother you but she also drops some interesting facts about your brother. Rumors state that after he disappeared, he joined the dark lord. You may deny the allegations but you start to fear: could it be true?

As you perform your lessons, you will be asked to do activities such as focus, which is tapping the inside of a circle which shows your character is paying attention to the professor. Performance is another activity which you are given a symbol to trace. You have to trace it perfectly in order to earn points. The better performed you are in classes the better chances you get in, earning more house points. It can take some time getting used to but it is worth it.

The game is presented to you in Chapters. So far I am on chapter six with my Character Mercedes Cole in Slytherin. I'm having a lot of fun and enjoying the game. But I get frustrated when I run out of energy so quickly. But it's a wonderful game and the characters are spot on. I know Professor Snape isn't everyone’s favorite character in the game because he is very cold. But he is acting like this to you specifically just like how he acts to Harry. He has his reasons and I enjoy him and Professor Flitwick very much.

As of right now, I am learning Filipendo in Charms Class. I enjoy that before you start the lesson you have a choice of choosing the 1 Hour, 2 Hour, and 8 Hour Lesson. I always choose the 8 Hour because like I said, I use my energy so much. So the 8 hour is a blessing because I can earn enough energy and learn the spell or potion or how to take care of a broom perfectly. I am moving slow but it is worth taking it slow and enjoying the game more. I hope this helps you all and you also enjoy the game. I’m a Potterhead to the core so I'm stoked! 

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Review of 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' RPG Game *Spoilers Alert
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