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Season Six: Spooks Beware!

Time to Get Spooky!

Halloween began its long celebration in the United States more than a century ago. Its popularity has made it one of the most beloved and entertaining holidays throughout our year. Fortnite’s sixth season has beautifully embraced the spirit of this day with a Halloween themed season! Costumes and monster galore! I believe that this idea for this season was well executed and brings a sense of familiarity and nostalgia however cloaked in a fresh outlook. For example, Fortnite’s map has altered a great deal. Nearing the end of the fifth season, all had believed that the cube was gone and permanently melted into Loot Lake. But the cube has made a triumphant return in season six. Before its great dissolve into the lake, the cube had traveled throughout the map leaving behind seven gravity-weakened domes. The cube’s mysterious ‘anti-gravity’ properties have been the key of the map change. 

At the beginning of season six, the island with the house up top was taken from Loot Lake, and shot straight into the sky, the cube underneath holding it up. This island now spends its time moving around the map but only to certain locations. As stated, before the cube in season five had created anti-gravity domes. These domes allowed players to feel as if they were jumping on the moon, but those domes are gone and have been flattened. These areas are now known as corrupted areas. For starters, the floating island has only been seen shifting from one corrupted area to another and has existed nowhere else aside from Loot Lake at the beginning of the season. 

Corrupted areas also hold another treat. Ever wanted to become a ghost but never felt like dying in order to achieve that impossible dream? Well, in virtual form, that dream is now a possibility with the new shadow stones. These consumables have the ability to change the eater into a ghost or a wisp, whichever preferred, for 45 seconds. These ghosts have a few abilities. Their movement is faster than normal sprinting as the newfound ghosts’ float, in a sense. Just like regular spirits, they can also phase through most materials. They cannot phase through mountains or ground. Imagine if a player phased through a mountain but then expired and become a normal human again while stuck within the mountain. That wouldn’t sound fun, but it would be the perfect hiding place until the storm comes! 

Anyway, those ghosts also hold the power of the anti-gravity domes. They are able to jump just like you would be able to in season five. The best part about becoming a ghost is to be able to cancel the ability whenever you like within the 45 second time frame. This skill can help players make sneak attacks on others without having to wait for the ghost time to fully expire. One way this could be overpowered a bit however the ghost form does not have all the benefits. While being a ghost, you cannot discharge weapons. Along with all of the new additions to the map, the outfits have become Halloween themed with the battle pass holding a good deal of new skins. In my opinion, I enjoy this season a great deal more than the others as I am a large fan and consistent celebrator of Halloween so having a Fortnite season in which I am able to play this new ‘spooky’ season makes it all the more fun. With the new skins and map plus the way that Fortnite likes to advance the story as the season goes on, I feel and hope that this will be a very enjoyable season.

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Season Six: Spooks Beware!
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