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Sony Is Cooking Up A 'Breaking Bad' Virtual Reality Project

Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, has met with Sony's virtual reality team in the hopes of developing a virtual reality experience.

'Breaking Bad' [Credit: AMC]

Walter White's story could be far from over. Vince Gilligan, creator and writer of Breaking Bad, has met with Sony's virtual reality team in the hopes of developing a virtual reality experience based on the breakthrough show, Variety reports.

According to the report, #Sony Interactive Entertainment recently invited several top showrunners — like David Shore (The Blacklist), Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica) and Gilligan, along with a few others — to experience the power of VR. Gilligan was especially enthusiastic, telling Sony Interactive Entertainment's global chief executive, "I really want to do something with this. I want to experiment with this."

This visit by showrunners and creators shows just how devoted Sony is to pushing the limits of virtual reality and offering it as more than just a cool way to play video games.

You mean VR isn't just a gaming thing?

Virtual reality has been a buzzing topic among video game enthusiasts and the possibility for the future of gaming is incredible. But #VR also has the potential to expand the world of narrative-driven entertainment as soon as the technology proves to be cost-effective.

Breaking Bad [Credit: AMC]

The Breaking Bad VR experience isn't the first non-gaming entry to the growing list that has boarded the VR train. YouTube has a beefy collection of 4K resolution videos from horror shorts to guided nature tours. There's VR porn out there and UNLTD Studios has committed to developing the first sci-fi episodic VR series, titled Trinity.

It's an exciting time to hear that Gilligan is jumping at the chance to bring Breaking Bad to virtual reality, and the hope is that this could push VR more towards mainstream audiences as the next great way to experience the shows that we all love.

What Will The Breaking Bad VR Experience Be About?

The details are still very scarce, as neither Gilligan nor Sony will divulge much more than just that it's in the early stages of development. The technology for live-action, 360-degree video is still in the earliest stages of development, so all we know is that the Breaking Bad experience will use CGI to tell an engaging story that dives into the world of Walter White.

It would be an incredible opportunity to introduce a new VR story that follows after the events of the acclaimed 2013 series finale. Fans could get a glimpse of what happened after Walter White's death. Or, if Bryan Cranston were willing to reprise his role, we could see the VR equivalent of bonus scenes from throughout the series' timeline.

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Sony Is Cooking Up A 'Breaking Bad' Virtual Reality Project
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