Staff Picks

Dylan Gonzaleza year ago
Why Are Video Game Movies So Awful?
Time and time again, Hollywood goes to video games for material to adapt into the next movie blockbuster. Sometimes video game films make a buck. Sometimes, they make a lot. And other times they flop....
Why 'Overwatch' Represents Fan Demand for Diversity in Video Games
One of the big hot button topics in gaming culture has been diverse representation – or, rather, the fan demand for diversity in video games put out by big developers. While many fans don't mind playi...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
5 Tips For Playing Better Rogues
We all think we've got a handle on the rogue. They're trap spotters, skullduggerers, thieves, blackguards, and all-around bastards. Their moral compass points toward gold, and there is no trick too lo...
Aaron Dennisa year ago
Ten NES Games You Don't Need to Play
Welcome back to my retro reviews. I have always loved playing Nintendo, and from its vast library of great games, there come a few crappy games. These are not games that necessarily evoke feelings of ...
Dylan Leporea year ago
Thoughts on Resident Evil 4 — After Playing It for the First Time 15 Years Later
To start this thing off let's take it back to when I first got Resident Evil 4 in 2016.
Sam Flintlocka year ago
ZX Spectrum Games You Must Play
The delights of the ZX Spectrum may be unfamiliar to many American readers. But as one of the very first home computers aimed at a mainstream audience, the humble machine dominated the European market...
pionic a year ago
Ataribox: Did Atari Do The Math?
I was one of the few who did the math back in 1994 when the console (and bit-) war was in full steam with many manufacturers trying to catch my attention and ultimately my money. Atari had just releas...
Riley Reesea year ago
Must Have PS4 Accessories for Gamers
A PS4 is an amazing piece of equipment. It can really elevate your gaming experience in ways that most other game systems can't. It's got killer graphics, an insanely fast memory hard drive, and also ...
Michael Wolffa year ago
DmC - Dante
With the phenomenal success of video game Devil May Cry 4, the white-haired demon hunter Dante was in more demand than ever. However, parent company Capcom and Ninja Theory felt the original Dante’s t...