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Google Stadia Wows at E3
As a gamer, I'm always looking for new things to check out, explore, etc. E3 normally one of those events that pique that curiosity for me every year. There's always a presentation that just has that ...
Jord Turya month ago
Top 10 Jump Scares in Video Games
We, as a species, are pretty strange. We're strange because we like being scared for the sake of being scared when experiencing a thriller flick or survival horror story. Being scared gives us that st...
Shaizaan Qureshia month ago
Top 9 Triple A Games Announced at E3 2019
E3 announced a lot of good games this year, but the main games that gamers are excited for are the AAA titles.
Jord Turya month ago
Top 10 Rage Quit Moments in Video Games
We've all had it, haven't we? That clench of the collar and twitch of the neck as we feel the sudden urge to launch a controller against the drywall in resentment? That gruelling desperation to just c...
dee 3 months ago
Your Brain on 'Animal Crossing'
Content Warning: Depression, anxiety, and mental health. Video games have always been under scrutiny when talking about the player's health, more specifically the mental and social "toll" of spending ...
Brett Tortorello6 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Building a Custom Gaming PC with Corsair
Anyone that plays video games at a somewhat-serious level knows the importance of having your own custom gaming PC. If you're someone who likes the occasional game of Madden, or simply likes to play g...
Brayden Simmons6 months ago
How the 3dRudder Foot Motion Controller Is Changing VR Gaming
Every year, Virtual Reality tech and games edge closer and closer to widespread appeal. 2019 will bring about many new advancements in the space, like built in eye tracking, wireless headsets, and maybe even a killer app. There are still challenges yet to be solved on another front, though. Locomotion is still one of the most widely discussed matters when it comes to the longevity of VR gaming. While it isn't hard to convince someone to try VR out for a 15 minute demo, convincing someone to play...
Edwin Betancourt7 months ago
'Watch_Dogs' vs 'Watch_Dogs 2'!
I must start out by saying, it is extremely rare that I get addicted to a game. I'm the type of guy that is always on the go and working on either new poetry or a new story. So when I stumbled upon Ub...
Colin Kowal7 months ago
'The Dark Tower' and the 'Darkest Dungeon'
Now that I’m no longer in university, I am reading for fun for the first time in years. I started with The Gunslinger by Stephen King, the first book of his Dark Tower series. I’ve now read through Th...