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Sniping My Way Downtown
Recently amongst the usual chores of university such as revising, giving up, getting drunk, and setting myself on fire, I have been playing a game that is technically old, given it came out a year ago...
Briana Martin10 months ago
Support Tips for 'League of Legends'
I've been playing support for a long time now. Most people think that supporting is fairly easy, but it takes a lot of dedication for the role. After playing the role for a long time, I managed to fin...
Neal Litherland10 months ago
I Don't Really Care What Gygax Had to Say
I'd like to start this article by saying I never personally met Gary Gygax. I've talked with lots of people who knew him, and overall he seemed like a fellow who had both his merits and flaws. As a ta...
Richard Bailey10 months ago
4 Top Tips for Beginner Indie Game Devs
Tips to Help You Get Started in Creating Your Own Games
Nick Paroni10 months ago
Video Game Characters Modeled After Famous Celebrities
The evolution of video games has come a long way over the years. With everything from Atari to virtual reality, we've seen games become more and more lifelike. New technology called motion capture all...
Iris Webba year ago
'Ark Survival Evolved': A Review
In case you want to buy this game, click here for Xbox, here for Playstation, and here for PC. For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the past few years, or are usually generally uni...
Nick Falknera year ago
'Rampage' Memories
I happened upon this crazy game in an arcade during my youth. I studied this game for a bit, and saw that this game was way different than anything else in the arcade, or on any system for that matter...
George Hermana year ago
Best PlayStation 4 Shooter Games to Play
Blasting their way to the top wasn't an easy task, but these gaming titles make it look easy, and almost enjoyable. Sporting all-new amazing weaponry, and often allowing for some of the craziest in-ga...
Tim Hortona year ago
A New Marvel Game Has Landed on Mobile and It Is Explosive!
FoxNext Games has just released its debut title. Marvel Strike Force is a heavy hitting, free-to-play, mobile game that is chock-a-block full with your favourite heroes and villains. FoxNext, a gaming...