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Start of a New Campaign

The Journey of a New Dungeon Master

credits to Tyler Jacobson

Most of you have probably heard of the game Dungeons and Dragons. I think many of you have even played it, or some other version of a tabletop roleplaying game.

I, myself, decided to become a Dungeon Master when I noticed I had started to get annoyed by some of the Dungeon Masters I had been playing with. So instead of thinking, 'they should do this, and this, and this differently,' I decided to become a DM myself.

But just being a DM wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to make my own campaigns and adventures for my friends, who will be my players when I'm finished writing the first adventure of a whole campaign.

Okay, so writing my own campaign? Easy decision. Now I have to actually make one. I started by just thinking about things and writing them down in my journal, but I soon lost track of it all and had to start over. This happened a few times and my journal was almost full without me accomplishing anything real.

Thus, I decided to do something I used to do when I was little to clear my head. I started mindmapping. This worked so well and within the hour, I had multiple mindmaps and a clear idea of the story I wanted my players to follow.

I also started looking up different kinds of guides. I already had the DM guide, the core rulebook, the player handbook, the bestiary, but I wanted more options. I came across a very interesting guide. One that would help me connect something real to the campaign. Love, lust and even sex. This gave me a huge idea for the campaign, as more details became clear.

Now I had an overall outline. Time to start planning what would happen and when and, of course, to keep in mind that my players might ruin everything. So I decided to just make a limited amount of general options. Careful, spoiler alert if my players decide to read this.

Start: You find yourself at the Festival of Love, around dinnertime. Good thing the food is free and drinks are cheap. You hear the herald: "Dinner will be served in the main tent where Delilah will tell you an amazing story!"

What do you do?

So, in general, the player can do two things. They can either go to the tent, or go do something else. For both of the options I have planned something to pull them into the adventure.

But this is all in a journal, a physical one, I wrote it all down with a pen and it's still a bit chaotic. So, I decided to type it all out on my PC and to use the table when there are multiple decisions possible so I can guide my players easily.

I also have to put it into roll20, because we will use that to play. That will be a whole new adventure since, while I have played with roll20 before, I've never DM-ed with it. Let's see how it will go!

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Start of a New Campaign
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