action adventure

The best action-adventure games available, for all consoles and gaming systems on the market.

Nena Babe7 days ago
The World Of Minecraftia
Minecraft is a game for builders, so please don't try if you're not that imaginative. Firstly, you start off with nothing, survival is the only way to keep going. Here are three basic steps to beginne...
Darryl Richie12 days ago
inFAMOUS 2: UGC: Digital Inspiration from Cole MacGrath
I was playing inFAMOUS 2 and I got the idea to take a different approach to the social media market myself as an inspirational speaker by creating a User Generated Content (UGC) mission. Within the mi...
Chasing Styx
Chasing Styx is a run 'n' gun adventure game on Steam. The creators are an indie company named ForepawSoft. Chasing Styx is only ForepawSoft's second game, but it is done rather brilliantly in my opinion. What makes it even better is that the game is free. They are also currently in the middle of another game. You play as the three-headed hellhound that guards the Underworld in Greek mythology: Cerberus. There are many versions of Cerberus throughout Greek mythology, but ForepawSoft decided to s...
John Briddon23 days ago
Fortnite Is Finally Coming
When Fortnite was first announced back in 2011, I was a very excited and happy chappie. I fell in love with the idea of building bases and fortifying them before defending them against hordes of zombi...
Thomas Jenkinsa month ago
‘The Last of Us,’ ‘Uncharted,’ and the Future of Single-Player Games
My first exposure to a game published by Naughty Dog (perhaps PlayStation’s premier game studio) was in high school when I played the first Uncharted game. Since then, I’ve played three other Uncharte...