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Adventure Games offer ultimate exploration from the comfort of your living room.

Ada Zubaa year ago
Locked In!
Locked rooms seem to be the trend right now. If you have never done one before, this is what you can expect... 1. There will be more than one lock to figure out. This is an obvious pointer because it ...
Montana Rosea year ago
'Dragon Age' Spoilers
Have you ever picked up a book and turned to the last page just to see what happens at the end? Well, I do it with games, specifically Dragon Age. For those of you who may not have known, Dragon Age i...
Tim Hortona year ago
Titan Announce ‘Life Is Strange’ Comic Book Series
Titan Comics has announced that it will be launching a new series based on the hit game, Life is Strange. Titan has, in the past, brought many a fan-favourite game to the shelves of comic book stores ...
Katie Marchbanka year ago
Best PlayStation 4 Adventure Games to Play
I'm a big fan of the adventure genre. While there's nothing wrong with a good FPS or other combat-oriented game, something about the narrative-heavy adventure genre has stuck with me throughout the ye...
David Foxa year ago
90's Gaming Nostalgia: The Best Point-and-Click Adventure Games Ever Made!
I recently wrote an article about an upcoming Batman game from Telltale Games, a company who are reviving the classic point-and-click adventure game genre for the modern age. It made me nostalgic for ...
Stace Garratta year ago
I know I'm relatively slow to play some games that have been out for a few years, but I am rather picky about the types of games I play too, for instance I will mostly chooses stealth or open world GT...
Anna Blooma year ago
Why Play a Game You Can't Win?
People look at me funny when I say that my favorite game is one I've never beaten. I've played this game for four years now. From beta stages to all of the expansions, the victory has been ever elusiv...
Bluezebraxiii a year ago
Ten Reasons to Be Pumped for 'Dynasty Warriors 9'!
I know, I know, it's another Dynasty Warriors game, let's face it they have kind of gotten like Madden. (Except they actually try and add in more than one new thing a year.) Here's the thing though th...
Michael Reynosoa year ago
'Kingdom Hearts 3': New Updates!!
Hey, Kingdom Hearts fans!! I am yours truly, Michael! Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts 3 news and updates! As fans continue to wait on the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, more news and updates have been r...
Charles Graya year ago
Last Major Project of the Year
It has been one hell of a headache for the past 5 years on the stretch of the freeway in Sand Hills. Drivers are pleased to drive on the reconstructed stretch of I-30 for the 4th time after so many fa...
Mimo le Singea year ago
Sonic-related Topics
In Which I Discuss Knuckles' Supposed Hallucinations, Shadow's Relevance, and Why I Love Rouge the Bat
Aaron Dennisa year ago
'Eye of the Beholder'
Eye of the Beholder is a Dungeons and Dragons game originally released for the SNES. The GBA version has some changes, mostly in the battle system, but there are others such as a lack of a beholder, a...
Mimo le Singea year ago
More Thoughts About Zelda
An era proposal, and whether there could be an M-rated game in this franchise.
Kristy Andersona year ago
'Final Fantasy':The Best Guest Party Members In Everyone's Favourite RPG Series
As early as its second game, the long running RPG series Final Fantasy has featured Guest characters. These characters, unlike the player's main party members who join them permanently as they make th...
Oupost 31LVa year ago
The Plight of the Indie Developed Survival Video Game
More than a decade ago, the concept of an open-world game built around the struggles of survival in a cruel environment was new and fresh. It may have seen its first inception in the early 90s with Un...
Mimo le Singea year ago
Link: The Difference Between "Silent Protagonists" and "Blank Slates"
Here's a topic that I've been wanting to address for a long time now, because I think it's important to differentiate between the "silent protagonist" and the "blank slate" and to understand why this ...
Antony Cowfera year ago
Player's Perspective: A Game Review
The Playstation 2 was one of, if not, the most successful selling consoles in video game history. By March 23, 2012, well over 150 million units were sold worldwide, a record in the gaming industry. T...
Angel Henschela year ago
Why You Should Try an Escape Room (Today!)
I've played in numerous escape rooms. I've been relatively successful—in fact, I've only failed two of them! Escape rooms are freaking AWESOME. They're a little bit intimidating if you haven't done on...