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Jacob Elyachar2 years ago
Gamers Reveals Its Ultimate Pokemon Gym Leader Line-up
It has been nearly 21 years since Pokemon took the United States by storm. From starting out in Pallet Town in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to traveling around the Alola region in Pokemon Sun & Moon,...
Nena Babe2 years ago
The World Of Minecraftia
Minecraft is a game for builders, so please don't try if you're not that imaginative. Firstly, you start off with nothing, survival is the only way to keep going. Here are three basic steps to beginne...
Jesse Guerrero2 years ago
Summary of Minecraft
Minecraft is a three-dimensional game that uses blocks as the terrain and world. It is the second best selling game with Tetris being the first. In the 3-D world, there are different blocks with diffe...
7 Things That Players Will Lust to Have
For years, I've been setting players up with adventures and watching them lust after things. All games need a reward, a mechanic that will get the players interested in taking a risk and struggle to s...
George Parr2 years ago
Assassin’s Creed Origins: How It Could Save The Franchise
One of the main attractions of the Assassins Creed series is its immeasurable scope, with the tantalising idea that any game could visit any place in any part of history always present. It’s a shame, ...
Liam rychlik2 years ago
In recent months, I've found myself becoming more and more intrigued by this fairly new "realm" of gaming and the idea of fully immersing myself into an alternative world. For those that are unsure wh...
Such A Geek2 years ago
1 Hour Review: Dragon Age Origins
(TL;DR is at the bottom of the review) During a Humble Bundle sale, I had received several games for Origin, which is EA’s attempt at trying to create Steam, but not exactly having the backing to do s...
Beth Fascione2 years ago
Sunless Sea
I've always been drawn to dark stories. Perhaps that is why, when I came across a game instructing me to lose my mind and eat my crew, I had to add it to my steam library. Sunless Sea, a dark, Victori...
Hamlet Shanley2 years ago
The Fireborn's Will - Tale of the Sunsinger
The snow fell upon the rocks overlooking the lake, the water lapping against the rocks below. The sparse vegetation was a vibrant green, swaying in the breeze. This far north (and in times like these)...
Such A Geek2 years ago
1 Hour Review: The Stanley Parable
Another game that I had gotten from the Steam Sale that had occurred over the winter holidays was The Stanley Parable. I had gone into this game knowing only that it was a bizarre game, with some rath...
Jasmine Carroll2 years ago
Get Excited About KHIII
Yesterday, the D23 Expo rolled out its most exciting gaming announcement: a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III including both a release year (finally) and the ball drop that the Toy Story universe is among the new worlds that will be included in the game. As excited as we are to know that we're going to get shrunken down and turned into action figures so that we can help Buzz, Woody and the gang find Andy and rid their world of heartless, there's likely an exciting feature or two that the ...