Horror-themed video games give you a glimpse into the darker parts of the gaming sphere.

Dustin Murphya year ago
Finished Watching 'Stranger Things'? Here's 5 Horror Games to Tide You Over Until Season 2!
If you've been surfing the internet at all lately, you're no stranger to the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. The show is a 1980s horror period piece using suspense, subtle psychological twists, an...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Review: 'Umbrella Corps' — Angry Gamer's Inbound
In the past, Resident Evil is a series that would turn heads if a whisper of an announcement leaked out into the world - that was until Resident Evil 5 came into the scene and drove the series in a do...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Horror Games: Why are We Drawn to Them?
Laying in bed at night isn't as difficult as much as one would think. In my youth I was one that found myself swooned to sleep by the articulated writings of H.P. Lovecraft. On Friday nights when I wa...
Paul Zunigaa year ago
Clementine Is Back in Season 3 of Telltale's the Walking Dead and She's Getting Older
In an interview, creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, shed some light on the third season of the video game series.
Tom Chapmana year ago
We Can't 'Bear' It: Scott Cawthon's 'Five Night's At Freddy's' Finally Finds A Studio
Lock the doors and boot up the security system, because it looks like a Five Nights at Freddy's film could be knocking at the window. Based on the popular survival #horror #videogame, it was a safe be...
Matthew Baileya year ago
'Days Gone' Is Showing Us the Future of Survival Horror Games (and Zomibears)
#Sony has far outdone themselves through the first half of 2017 with the #PS4 and brilliant marketing and a strategic plan to bring legions of gamers over to their consoles with incredible exclusive g...
Matthew Baileya year ago
'Days Gone': The Walking Dead-Inspired Zombie Game You've Always Wanted Is Out in August
Zombies have infected all forms of entertainment over the last several years with big screen hit films like 28 Days Later, World War Z and Zombieland and small screen addictions like iZombie, Z Nation...
Tyler Callawaya year ago
How Can We Make a Live Action 'Five Nights at Freddy's'?
If you have yet to hear of the indie horror trilogy that has had a large population of America in awe, then I suggest you hop onto Youtube and watch some of the videos that Youtuber's are posting ever...
Matthew Baileya year ago
Survival of the Fittest: 7 Tips to Keep You Alive in Resident Evil 7
The legacy of Resident Evil has always haunted me, I've never been a gamer who enjoyed horror games in the least, but with all the hype surrounding Resident Evil 7: Biohazard I had to give it a shot. ...
Tom Chapman2 years ago
It's All Child's Play: Universal Teases 'Chucky' Video Game Alongside The Next Film
The world of video games is creepy enough as we are chased by the nurses of Silent Hill, T-virus zombies of Resident Evil, and the steampunk Big Daddies from Bioshock. However, is a true horror icon a...
CD Turner2 years ago
5 Horror Game Clichés I Wish Game Developers Would Stop Using
SPOILER WARNINGS: Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill 2, Outlast 2, Resident Evil 6, The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 A trope is defined by good ole TVTropes.org as "more about conveying a concept to...
CD Turner2 years ago
Horror Games: From Niche to Nonsense
Maybe I've become too desensitized over the years to enjoy modern "horror" games. Lately, I've just felt that such games have either fit into two categories: "cliche horror trope bingo" and/or "trying...
Adam Wallace2 years ago
'Silent Hill 4': The Forgotten Horror
Hello, and welcome back to Second Chances where I give the maligned and forgotten another shot. As I mentioned before, I consider the original Silent Hill to be one of the greatest horror games of all...
Eden Roquelaire2 years ago
'Bendy and the Ink Machine' Theory: What Happened to Sammy?
Warning: Contains spoilers for Chapter 3. Don't read until you are all caught up! Since its release back in February 2017, Bendy and the Ink Machine has become an indie hit online. Gamers have loved d...
Tron Kurosawa2 years ago
Petscop Analysis
I heard about Petscop from a Game Theory video. The subtitle for the video was, "The Scariest Game You'll Never Play." And I thought instantly, that's bullshit, click-bait. I've deleted tons of crappy...
Rhiannon Watcher2 years ago
'Dead By Daylight'
On the 14th of June 2016 Behaviour released a new game called Dead by Daylight. This game was one of the first of its kind. The game is an asymmetrical multi player horror game in which one killer tri...
Dylan Fadden2 years ago
Until Dawn Review
So today I am going to be reviewing the video game Until Dawn by Supermassive Games. This game is a multiple choice horror game that sets itself apart by basing its story off cliché horror elements. T...
Corey Gittleman2 years ago
Scariest Video Game Enemies
Video games created with storylines, unfortunately, come to an end point once completing the game, but what is it that makes these games so difficult and entertaining? Beating the evil enemies, or "bosses" if you will create disruption in your path to beating the game. As games go on, your enemies get larger, stronger, and scarier. Whether they are giant monsters, disease-ridden creatures, or some disgusting mutant that was once a person just like us, you do not want to cross their paths. Well t...