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How tos for gamers and video games of all kinds; tricks and techniques to level up and beat your high score.

Ace Hessy4 days ago
My Addiction to Twitch (Help)
I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to Twitch. I seriously have an unhealthy fascination with online people-watching. (No, I am NOT and was NEVER a fan of Chatroulette.) Since I lack the hand-ey...
Jackie Barrows12 days ago
So You Wanna Be a Game Developer?
The HTML5 gaming and game design world is on the rise as more people are abandoning Flash game design for systems that are more compatible with popular web browsers. So what is so great about HTML5 th...
CD Turnera month ago
Five Tips for Completing Time-Trials/Speed-Runs
Sometimes I wonder if hurting yourself to get achievements/trophies counts as self-harm. What is with the human psyche's desire to make itself suffer for meaningless medallions? I'm honestly not that ...
Leah Maysa month ago
Saving and Buying in 'Harvest Moon Story of Seasons'
Harvest Moon, the simulator that allows players to plant crops and sow the land. It's a tough job and someone has to do it right? You can choose between a male or female avatar at the customization sc...
Pokémon Pat3 months ago
3 Essential Products to Protect Your Pokémon Cards
Everybody had a time in their life where they had a few dozen Pokémon cards, right? I bet if you thought about it hard enough, you could remember the exact place that they’re hiding. Maybe they’re in ...
Earl Grey4 months ago
'Dungeons and Dragons': Getting Started
So you’re new to being a Dungeon Master / Game Master? Don’t know where to get started? Well here’s a guide on what you can do!
Earl Grey4 months ago
'Dungeons and Dragons': Dungeon Master Tips!
During the past year I have settled into the role as my group's Dungeon Master, or as I prefer, "Game Master" (well, we’re not ALWAYS in dungeons, are we?). During that time, I have come across a lot ...
Daisy 4 months ago
How I Became a Game Creator
Hi, I’m Daisy. I’m 13 years old, and I programme games. Today I’m going to tell the story of how I became a video game creator in a year. I’m a pretty average person who does well in school and spend ...
Neal Litherland5 months ago
5 Tips for Playing Better Oracles
The gods work in mysterious ways, and perhaps none are more mysterious than those who are both blessed and cursed by the whims of the divine. Outcast as often as they are held in awe, these agents of ...
Kimberly Styles6 months ago
Tricks for EV Training Your Pokémon
I have been playing Pokémon since about gen 3, but that was only because my older brother had Sapphire. Since then I have loved playing the games, watching the film, and the anime. I am by no means th...
John Skillyard6 months ago
6 Top Ways to Market Your Indie Game
Learn how you can market your indie game with these top 6 tips.
John Skillyard7 months ago
4 Top Tips for Beginner Indie Game Devs
Tips to Help You Get Started in Creating Your Own Games
Texxx-Man Cosplay7 months ago
How to Defeat the Final Bosses in 'Ninja Gaiden' (NES)
Ninja Gaiden was a side-scrolling action-platforming video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in March 1989. The game features a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa who seeks revenge for h...
Chloe Gilholy8 months ago
How to Save Everyone in 'The Letter'
The Letter is a 2017 Indie visual novel by Yangyang Mobile. It's well-praised for its well written characters, horror elements, tragic true ending, and scary ghost that everybody calls Cuddles. It's o...
John Skillyard8 months ago
Nine Great Tips To Improve 'Fortnite Battle Royal' Gameplay
Go to tilted towers, even if you are a beginner, this gets you into the action of the game and playing against other players faster. This helps you from wasting so much time looking and searching for ...
John Skillyard8 months ago
How to Create Lighting Effect in Construct 2 and 3
Often times in your game, you might want to have your player in a dark place and add a lighting effect either to the player themselves or to torches on the wall or other objects to give the feeling of...
John Skillyard8 months ago
How to Create a Tilemap Spritesheet for Construct 2 & 3
When creating a game in Construct 2, where tiles are being used, such as a platformer, top-down shooter or RPG game, using a tilemap becomes extremely useful and is the best and easiest way to go abou...
Escaping 'Tarkov': Raid Tips and Tricks
Alright, let's face it: Escape from Tarkov is a difficult game with a steep learning curve, and early on without any experience, you're going to have the floor wiped with you. Let's change that. I wan...