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How tos for gamers and video games of all kinds; tricks and techniques to level up and beat your high score.

How Fitness and Health Provide Superior Benefits to eSports
The prospect of eSports coming to the 2024 Olympics has sparked a great deal of interest. While some don't agree that gaming is a "sport," others point out how approximately 43 million people watched ...
H3XBOY a day ago
Overwatch: How to Move Up in ELO
Today, Overwatch has risen to become one of the most played games of our time, and with this large influx of players, I've noticed some big things since playing in the beta for this game. I mean, othe...
Dylan 6 days ago
Basics of Adding Mods and CC to Your Sims 4 Game!
The Sims 4 was launched on September 2nd, 2014. The Sims 4 is a life simulator where you are their god and you control them. However, Sims can be made more fun by adding mods and custom content (CC) i...
Joe K12 days ago
How To Enjoy RPG Games on a Budget
I've been enjoying pen and paper RPG games since I was twelve. It wasn't easy. For years I had to pay full price for books, hope to find a used copy, or hope a friend could get copies so we as a group...
Neal Litherlanda month ago
How to Build The Dread Pirate Roberts in The Pathfinder RPG
His name strikes fear into the hearts of merchant captains everywhere. A pirate lord whose cruelty is only whispered of, and whose thirst for blood is matched only by his rapacious hunger for treasure...
Earl Greya month ago
World Building
Building a world is something that can draw me in for months at a time. There are so many possibilities and the work is never quite done. In your world, you can make anything possible with a little im...
Valerie Vacantea month ago
What Hacking Space Invaders Frenzy Can Teach Us About Work and Play
Whether you are a gamer or not, if you’ve ever been to an arcade or pizza joint you’ve likely played the 1978 arcade classic Space Invaders created by Taito (pew pew pew—that’s laser sounds). Space In...
Earl Greya month ago
First Look into Game Development
Game development from the outside looks straight forward. Come up with some game mechanics (How the game should be played and features players would like) add some story to it and fill it in with artw...
Alissa Budzinskia month ago
7 Days to Live
Firstly, if you've never played 7 Days to Die, I highly suggest you get the fuck on that. It is a survival, crafting, zombie game that is available on Steam, in which you must gather resources and sup...