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Nancy D19 days ago
Fishing Break - Legit or Scam?
Have you been seeing ADs for Fishing Break—Addictive Fishing Game? Or maybe you already downloaded it and you are trying to find out what is going on... let me guess, you are starting to wonder why yo...
Nancy Da month ago
'Happy Fishing - Catch Fish and Treasures' Is a Scam!
The app called Happy Fishing - Catch Fish and Treasures by Fishing King Studios has a 4.6 star rating and looks like a legit app. However, I want to let everyone know that it is without a doubt in my ...
Nancy Da month ago
Fish Mania - Epic Fishing Game! Legit or Scam?
I have tried all kinds of cryptocurrency apps and I am happy to announce that some of them are real. However, it can be a challenge to dig through all of the apps and offers that are just scams and no...
Anonymous Dana month ago
'PUBG Mobile' 2019 Pops the Top on Another Season of Mobile Gaming
That's right, the new season of mobile gaming is at the brink of a new age. With all sorts of games coming out like H1Z1, Fortnite, Free Fire, Survival Royale, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, and many ...
Nancy Da month ago
My Experience with the 'Happy Fishing' App
Have you heard about this game? It claims that you can make money just simply by playing a game where you are fishing. Yeah, don't trust it!
Ruby 2 months ago
Top Five Free Games to Play When Travelling
Generally speaking, travel can be relaxing, exciting, adventurous, and fun, but sometimes things can get a little boring when you have to wait for your flight in the airport or stay inside a hotel. If...
Nancy D2 months ago
8 Cheap Achievement Grabber Games on Steam
Want more achievements? Or maybe you are like me and want a better overall achievement percentage. If easy and cheap achievements on Steam is what you want, then this list is perfect for you!!!
Nancy D3 months ago
Does Happy Fishing Use False Advertising?
I kept seeing these ads pop up for a game that lets you make money just for playing the game. I use the app Gold Miner, so this concept didn't seem completely obscure to me. I gave it a try and made s...
Jovelle Avancena4 months ago
Dragon Ball Character: Shallot
The Dragon Ball universe has brought us decades of entertainment. It is most famed for its anime series, the manga being in second place in terms of popularity, and they've also dabbled in video games...
Craig Arnott5 months ago
Is 'Master Research' Next for 'Pokémon Go'?
Since the game first launched, many new features and mechanics have been added to the ever-popular mobile app game, Pokémon Go. Nearly a year ago research tasks were added, and they introduced a new w...
Mimo le Singe6 months ago
Mimo's Arcade: 'Tiny Bird Garden' (2017)
First, we had Neko Atsume. Then, Spoon Pet Collector (SPC) followed up with its additions to the animal collecting game genre. As of last year, Super Retro Duck's Tiny Bird Garden (TBG) has taken Stea...
Craig Arnott7 months ago
10 Power Rangers, 5 Villains and 5 Megazords nWay Should Add to 'Power Rangers Legacy War'
Power Rangers Legacy War, by nWay, is a mobile gaming app that allowed fans to do what they always dreamed of—to take control of a team of Rangers and fight other players with their constructed teams ...
Daniel Tessier9 months ago
'Ghostbusters' World
There have been a lot of games based on Ghostbusters over the years, both the movies and the cartoon spin-offs, and in the last 10 years or so there's been a particular surge in computerized ectoplasm...
Nancy D10 months ago
10 Tips to Be the Very Best in 'Pokemon Go'
Pokemon Go doesn't seem to do much in ways of teaching you how the game works, or how a raid works, leaving all the Pokemon trainers in the world either confused or constantly Googling how things work...
Al Stover10 months ago
A Quest to Capture Beldum
Pokemon trainers across the world, including myself, participated in the Pokemon Go October Community Day on Oct. 21—my first Community Day since moving back to Spokane Valley last month. The Pokemon ...
Nancy D10 months ago
10 Reasons You Should Start Playing 'Pokémon Go' Again
I've started playing Pokemon go again for the first time in almost two years, and I have some good news...It is worth playing again!
Louis Tighea year ago
Everything You Need to Know for the Return of Moltres in 'Pokémon GO'
Whether you're a high level Pokémon Go fanatic or just jumping back in, Saturday September 8th should be a day on every player's mind. Triumphantly returning to raid battles across the world, Moltres,...