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Jason Anschutza year ago
Who Is Your Classic, Favorite Video Game Character?
Video games have been a common form of entertainment and a staple for years. As they remain wild in popularity, males and females of all demographics enjoy the experience of either playing games or wa...
How the Switch Switched My View on 'Mario Kart'
In my years of playing video games, I have never given Mario Kart the chance. Why? To be honest, it's not that I disliked the characters or the concept, it's just that I was always an active FPS game ...
Aaron Dennisa year ago
'Arcana' for the SNES
Arcana was one of the SNES games I found at the flea market. Back when I was a kid, my mom used to take me to a local flea market once or twice a month, and there were always tables with video games f...
Justin Smitha year ago
'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' (Great in Concept, Underwhelming in Execution)
I wish to preface this by making it clear that this is simply my impression of the game, never having played the GameCube or Wii versions, and only getting into Zelda as of roughly two years ago, havi...
How the Nintendo Switch Succeeds by Becoming the Underdog
The Nintendo Switch has become Nintendo's biggest success in years. But the trick Nintendo used to achieve this success is extremely different than other strategies gaming giants use. Gaming giants li...
Mimo le Singea year ago
Character Appreciation: Nintendo Edition
In this I discuss the love we have for Yoshi, why Princess Daisy should be utilized more, and why Goombas deserve more credit.
Jack Tinmoutha year ago
So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Sinnoh
With the advent of the Nintendo DS console came a new raft of Pokémon games, beginning with the Diamond and Pearl. These games saw the return of features like the real time clock (last seen in Gold an...
Mimo le Singea year ago
'Starfox' Discussion - Part One
In this installment, we talk Krystal and 'Dinosaur Planet.'
Mimo le Singea year ago
Some Thoughts About 'Mario Party'
Talks About Theories and Brilliance in the Franchise
Zach Kimbella year ago
Get Out of My Nintendo Labo(ratory)!
In an age of ever progressing virtual reality, the days of steering wheel and fishing rod video game controllers seemed to be a thing of a past (do you member? I 'member). That is until Nintendo annou...
Mimo le Singea year ago
'Zelda' Theories and Mysteries
A few theory evaluations I've written, as well as musings.
Mimo le Singea year ago
Some Thoughts on Luigi
Is he overrated? Why is he so cowardly, and yet still so cool at the same time?
Oupost 31LVa year ago
'Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle' Review
I remember the first time I played through XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It was a solid game, but one that caused my stress level to increase tenfold. There never seemed to be a moment of reprieve, even while ...
Oupost 31LVa year ago
The Ghost and the Switch
Accountability. Without it, my credibility as a writer and, dare I say, a journalist, is left with an aura of decay. That festering cloud will continue to rot and grow until I’m little more than a tab...
Jack Tinmoutha year ago
So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Hoenn
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and their remakes as Omega, Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire are fantastic games that introduced a whole host of new Pokémon to fans of the franchise, as well as one of the most overpo...
Aaron Dennisa year ago
'Fire Emblem'
Fire Emblem is a tactical role-playing game published by Nintendo, and technically the seventh entry in the Fire Emblem series, but the first to be localized for western audiences. It was released in ...
Jack Tinmoutha year ago
So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Johto
Next in the series of Pokémon games is the Johto based games, Gold and Silver. One major difference with these compared to other games in the Pokémon franchise is that there are sixteen badges to coll...
Why I Love: 'Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door'
SPOILERS I shamelessly admit that a not insignificant amount of mental preparation was required for me to even fathom trying to write about this game without going full fan-girl mode. Let’s see if it ...