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Darcel Johnson16 days ago
Dealing with Gamer Rage in 'League of Legends'
So, let's face it guys and gals. We all experience that intense, Hulk-like rage that just rises up from our gut! Now, I know there are times when you are online and are trying to have fun in a game of...
Patricia Sarkar2 months ago
How Operating Systems Have Evolved and What It Has Meant for Gaming
As internet use has grown over the past 20 years, so has gaming, with the industry predicted to be worth $143bn by 2020. This has driven demand for operating systems to be more game-friendly. Numerous...
Jae Heide3 months ago
Top 10 Indie Horror Games
A love for horror games has been expanding over the past few years. However, for those of us that prefer our laptops to play games on, we have a constant problem. Where can we find good games? Of cour...
Etienne S.4 months ago
When Will GPU Prices Come Down?
With crypto mining at an all-time high, GPU (graphics cards) pricing and availability are at an all-time low. This is effect has been attributed to two major factors. The first is a worldwide shortage...
September Iriza4 months ago
Becoming Lady Iriza
You might ask, "Hey Iriza, how do you play?" My reply would be this: "Depends on the server." Overall, I'm as peaceful as a hive of honeybees, I don't go around looking for trouble, and for the most p...
September Iriza4 months ago
If You Like 'Agar.io', Try 'Lordz.io'
So the first on my travel through some of my favorite Agario style games is Lordz.io. If you are interested in playing Lordz.io, just stop by the webstite http://iogames.space/ where all my .IO collec...
Robert Cain5 months ago
'Subnautica' Game Review
Released: January 23rd 2018 (Version 1.0) Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment Price: £19.49 Formats: PC (With releases on Xbox One and PS4 planned) Format P...
Redd Tibbals5 months ago
The Trouble of Being an Introverted Gamer
Growing up in a family of 12, you get a sense of community. We were all friends, we all played and laughed with each other, but my favorite times were when my brother's friends came over to play our N...
Marina Montenegro5 months ago
'Sims 4:' Legacy Eras Challenge
Welcome to the Sims 4 Legacy Eras Challenge!
Ashley Tobin5 months ago
IMVU: Online Experience
You may have seen advertisements for an online game called IMVU. IMVU is a virtual world where you can meet people online and socialize. I have been a player of this game for almost six years now, and...
Milica Markovic6 months ago
Visual Novel Reviews: The Blind Griffin (2015) and Aloners (2015)
Amazing stories can be produced, regardless of budget.
Mohammed Hidhayat6 months ago
Left 4 Dead 2 Modder Creates Weapons of Iconic Killers. Let's You Slay the Infected in Style
Following the success of #Left4Dead, a sequel to the survival horror video game was released in 2009 to much critical reception. Left 4 Dead 2 went on to win several awards and garner respect from vid...
Mohammed Hidhayat6 months ago
Dataminer Unearths Gigantic Futuristic Megacity Inside The Files Of Star Citizen
When you’re bored and have no direction in life but you have access to the gamefiles of Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 patch and a crafty knowledge about data mining, virtual discoveries like this are made. T...
Tara Foulkrod6 months ago
'Secrets of Grindea' Is Full of Sarcasm and Fun
I love when a game can make fun of itself. I especially love it when a game can make fun of other games, while doing exactly what it's making fun of. This is something that Secrets of Grindea does, an...
Tara Foulkrod6 months ago
'Stardew Valley' to Addict Whole New Audience
Do you ever get tired of the monotony and stress of living in modern society? Would you rather kick back and relax on your porch to the sounds of birds and cicadas or honking horns and airplanes? Tire...
Tara Foulkrod6 months ago
Seventeen Years of 'The Sims'
Seventeen years ago, I didn't even know what a plumbob was. Now, it's something that's synonymous with one of my favorite game titles, which has its anniversary of its original launch this week. In ho...
Dustin Murphy7 months ago
'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Welcomes Foggy Weather And A New Rifle
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a game that hasn't just been getting a lot of coverage. It's a game that has been receiving an astounding amount of love from players, developers, and media outlets al...