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Aaron Dennis2 hours ago
Glory of Heracles Two for the NES
Glory of Heracles 2 is another example of early RPGs, now called JRPGs, and was originally developed and published by Data East. Now, I believe it's owned by Paon Corporation. I really have a soft spo...
Until Dawn Review
So today I am going to be reviewing the video game Until Dawn by Supermassive Games. This game is a multiple choice horror game that sets itself apart by basing its story off cliché horror elements. T...
Deke Boddya day ago
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Before I continue this review, I must emphasise that I am a huge fan of Metal Gear but I must review this as a product for the casual gamer and not the hardcore gamer. Ground Zeroes was released about...
Hassaan Ahmed2 days ago
GTX 1050Ti
I've been a gamer for years, but I didn't really have a choice as to what I wanted to play a game on. Earlier I just used to play every game on my slow PC on the least possible settings, and they were...
Deke Boddy3 days ago
Grand Theft Auto 4 Review
Rockstar games are getting closer and closer to the ultimate crime simulator as continue to produce Grand Theft Auto for a multitude of platforms. The original was for the PC and PlayStation (one) and...
Rowan Marley10 days ago
Best Gaming Headsets for PS4
The PlayStation 4 has some of the best gaming accessories on the market. It's a machine that allows you an almost full immersion into the gaming world, offers lag-free gaming, quality graphics, and al...
Jesse Guerrero14 days ago
Summary of Minecraft
Minecraft is a three-dimensional game that uses blocks as the terrain and world. It is the second best selling game with Tetris being the first. In the 3-D world, there are different blocks with diffe...
Chasing Styx
Chasing Styx is a run 'n' gun adventure game on Steam. The creators are an indie company named ForepawSoft. Chasing Styx is only ForepawSoft's second game, but it is done rather brilliantly in my opinion. What makes it even better is that the game is free. They are also currently in the middle of another game. You play as the three-headed hellhound that guards the Underworld in Greek mythology: Cerberus. There are many versions of Cerberus throughout Greek mythology, but ForepawSoft decided to s...
Jesse Guerrero21 days ago
Review On Pewdiepie
The following video is Felix Kjellberg's most popular video. It is filled with the typical humor this YouTuber incorporates into his videos and community oriented challenges. He is both offensive and charismatic, making jokes on subjects very inappropriate in a face to face conversation. He has been let go by YouTube Red and a Disney contract for his behavior. A lot of people get offended or have their sense of humor killed by the subjects of his videos. He has a stigma for making inappropriate ...
Such A Geek22 days ago
1 Hour Review: Dragon Age Origins
(TL;DR is at the bottom of the review) During a Humble Bundle sale, I had received several games for Origin, which is EA’s attempt at trying to create Steam, but not exactly having the backing to do s...
Beth Fascione23 days ago
Sunless Sea
I've always been drawn to dark stories. Perhaps that is why, when I came across a game instructing me to lose my mind and eat my crew, I had to add it to my steam library. Sunless Sea, a dark, Victori...
Such A Geek24 days ago
Cook, Serve, Delicious!
About a year ago, I had gotten a Humble Bundle which included a game that I was somewhat curious about, especially because the bundle that I had gotten it from was called ‘Aaargh!’ I’m sure that we’ve...
Novice Modea month ago
A Brief History of 'Armored Core'
Armored Core! Armored Core. Armored Core… You’re so awesome. Then sometimes you’re so what the flying frick it’s ridiculous. And it literally makes me scream sometimes because you have such potential,...
Matthew Sullivana month ago
My Personal Video Game History
Have you ever wondered what video games got me into gaming or what I was playing during such and such console war? Well, lemme break it down for you.
Chloe Gilholya month ago
5 Games That Left Me Wanting More
With so many gems in the gaming world, it can be hard to keep up with the best and worst of them. But here are five games that left us wanting more. Whether it left us wanting more about the story or ...
Adrianna Martina month ago
Sword Art Online: Lost Song Review
Sword Art Online: Lost Song is essentially a partial MMORPG. It creates a limited MMORPG setting without forcing players to utilize online features unless they choose to. Lost Song takes place during the anime’s second season, sometime after Gun Gale but before the party first meets Yuuki. The story itself is not that elaborate, focused on the player singing idol, 12-year-old Seven, who is also a renowned scientist in real life. The plot surrounding her and her fan club is slow-moving, padded by...
Gina Coxa month ago
Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the biggest games to come out in a long time. I wanted to share my honest views of the game. In all honesty, it very quickly became one of my favourites. Quite often I may...
Alex Nasha month ago
Injustice 2 is a Game for Comic Fans
Injustice 2 is the newly released sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, and honestly it's taken the first game and fixed its problems, and added so much more. It's a refreshing change, and makes the gam...