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David Sullivan2 years ago
Impressions of Day Z
The zombie genre was originally conceived as a vehicle for the exploration of human nature. We are meant to ask ourselves, against the backdrop of hordes of the living dead, who are the real monsters?...
Nahum Luna2 years ago
Why Is Sonic Mania So Good?
So, now that everyone's had enough time to experiment and play around with Sonic Mania (sorry to those who had to wait for the Steam release), I think it's a good idea to analyze just why the game is ...
Mark woods2 years ago
Friday 13th the Game: Flawed Game or Fan Favourite?
Since it's release a few months ago, Friday 13th is a game that has received a lot of mixed reviews amidst reports of flaws, bugs, glitches and crashed games, but is it worth shelling out for? This re...
Aaron McArthur2 years ago
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review
After waiting all day for it to arrive, I load Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (MRKB) into my Switch and almost instantly, I was in love. MRKB is not like any other Mario game you have played before, i...
Bhavsagar Bath2 years ago
Dark Souls: The Ultimate Adventure Game
Dark Souls.... One of the greatest games ever to exist, in my humble opinion. Even with its treacherous difficulty, the game has become a cult classic for gamers all across the planet. With such diffi...
Robert Cain2 years ago
This War of Mine Game Review
Released: November 14th 2014 Developer: 11 Bit Studios Publisher: 11 Bit Studios Certificate: 18 Formats: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android Format Played: PC In a game industry filled with ...
Aaron McArthur2 years ago
Stardew Valley Review
Version reviewed: PS4. I can't remember the exact specifics of how I came to own Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the PS1, but I played the ever-loving crap out of it. Hours and hours spent making my ...
Aaron McArthur2 years ago
Dishonored 2 Review
Version reviewed - PS4 I bought Dishonored 2 on the day of release, much like I did with the original Dishonored, and much like the original Dishonored I didn't play it for months as I was finishing o...
Nick Doek2 years ago
'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' Review
To begin this review off properly, I want to start by saying, I was never fond of the Elder Scrolls series. I don't really have a deep history with it, aside from playing a tiny bit of Morrowind when ...
Aaron McArthur2 years ago
The Elder Scrolls: Legends
When I first started playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends, all I could see were its similarities to Blizzard's Hearthstone, but the more I played the more I realised there were just as many differences between the two games. Functionally very similar to each other, when The Elder Scrolls: Legends pulls away from Hearthstone it pulls away sharply. Legends opens with a short cut-scene, doing some world building, though if you are familiar with The Elder Scrolls series then the locations will be inst...
Rowan Marley2 years ago
Top PS4 Hunting Games
Ever since humanity first existed, hunting was a major sport among people. Thrillseekers love the idea of being able to stalk prey and "fight real beasts," after all. However, our society has evolved ...
Aaron Dennis2 years ago
Glory of Heracles Two for the NES
Glory of Heracles 2 is another example of early RPGs, now called JRPGs, and was originally developed and published by Data East. Now, I believe it's owned by Paon Corporation. I really have a soft spo...
Dylan Fadden2 years ago
Until Dawn Review
So today I am going to be reviewing the video game Until Dawn by Supermassive Games. This game is a multiple choice horror game that sets itself apart by basing its story off cliché horror elements. T...
Roy Jones2 years ago
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Before I continue this review, I must emphasise that I am a huge fan of Metal Gear but I must review this as a product for the casual gamer and not the hardcore gamer. Ground Zeroes was released about...
Hassaan Ahmed2 years ago
GTX 1050Ti
I've been a gamer for years, but I didn't really have a choice as to what I wanted to play a game on. Earlier I just used to play every game on my slow PC on the least possible settings, and they were...
Roy Jones2 years ago
Grand Theft Auto 4 Review
Rockstar games are getting closer and closer to the ultimate crime simulator as continue to produce Grand Theft Auto for a multitude of platforms. The original was for the PC and PlayStation (one) and...
Rowan Marley2 years ago
Best Gaming Headsets for PS4
The PlayStation 4 has some of the best gaming accessories on the market. It's a machine that allows you an almost full immersion into the gaming world, offers lag-free gaming, quality graphics, and al...
Jesse Guerrero2 years ago
Summary of Minecraft
Minecraft is a three-dimensional game that uses blocks as the terrain and world. It is the second best selling game with Tetris being the first. In the 3-D world, there are different blocks with diffe...