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Roy Jones8 months ago
'Heavy Rain'
Prepare for a unique experience with this game as it is not like many others. If I had to compare it to anything else, I'd probably say Farhenheit or Shenmue as there is a heavy emphasis on role playi...
Roy Jones8 months ago
EA Sports MMA
MMA is a game of the brutal sport of the same name released back in October 2010. It was one of the few titles released when game developers had started to make decent games about the sport. Dana Whit...
Roy Jones8 months ago
'Max Payne'
Rockstar Games create some great games and are not only famous for their Grand Theft Auto series. If fans want an all out action experience, they can pick up another great game called Max Payne. Origi...
Roy Jones8 months ago
'Velvet Assassin' Review
Back in 2009 gamers may have missed this hidden gem in Velvet Assassin, a World War II stealth game. You take up the role of fictional spy Violette Summer who's quite easy on the eyes. The character i...
Katie Marchbank8 months ago
10 Best Gifts for Gamers in 2018
Getting gifts for gamers can be, admittedly, kind of tough. There are so many options out there, and so many different types of gamers. Most people fall into one of four categories: Xbox lovers, PlayS...
Nancy D9 months ago
'Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Village'
I don't know why, but I have found myself addicted to this Farm Frenzy series despite its horrible effects and endless glitches. I think I might like the weird sense that I'm somehow running a busines...
Maddi Kause9 months ago
Why Rocket League is Underrated
Rocket League is a physics-based game involving a mixture of racing cars and the classic game of soccer. The game already has 'Very Positive' reviews on the Steam Platform for PC, along with a large a...
Nick Paroni9 months ago
Gifts for Xbox Gamers You Can Get Right Now
Along with Sony's Playstation series and Nintendo's various consoles, Microsoft's Xbox is one of the premier systems available. Between the Xbox's wide range of popular games like the Gears of War ser...
Roy Jones9 months ago
Manhunt is a unique concept trying to tap into what one might describe as 'the snuff' genre. Rockstar, who are no stranger to controversial video games, put you in the role of a serial killer. 'Cash,'...
Nancy D9 months ago
'Nancy Drew': The Video Game Series
I want to start this article off by saying I really and truly recommend this video game series. It sounds so bad and awful the first time you hear about it, but I promise you that it is great.
Billy Andrews9 months ago
God of War
God of War as a series hadn’t really evolved from the 2005 original and Kratos was one of the most badly written and 1-dimentional characters in gaming, a raging spartan warrior whose sole purpose in ...
Billy Andrews9 months ago
Top 5 Video Game Franchises
Video game franchises are an interesting concept. Usually starting with a gripping or intriguing first title in order to draw you in and continuously suck your hard-earned pennies from your pocket lik...
Kevin Dampman9 months ago
'Far Cry 5': The Good, the Bad, and the Father
For those of you who are new to the Far Cry series and enjoy action/shooters with a bit of story sprinkled on top, this game will certainly be worth the buy. Unfortunately, if you've already logged so...
alexjoc 9 months ago
Why I Like 'Destiny'
Yeah this is my first story. I don't really know how this works but let's just see how it goes. The Destiny franchise was created primarily by Bungie, moving on to a partnership with Activision in 201...
Mike Charest9 months ago
'God of War': A Role Model for an Entire Industry
2018’s God of War may be gaming’s new mascot for things we didn’t know we needed. Old school Kratos was almost adorable in his blind rage against the familiar faces of Greek mythology. It didn’t just ...
Skylar Abdeljalil9 months ago
'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer: The Beginning of a Beautiful Adventure
Stardew Valley is one of the hottest casual farming games for PC. Welcome to Pelican Town, an idyllic place settled in lush Stardew Valley. You've inherited a farm from your late grandfather, and can ...
Claudia Jerro10 months ago
Video Game Titles That Sound Like Porn
Sometimes it's hard to tell what certain movies or shows are about depending on its title. Because of porn films' often parodic titles or storylines, it's hard not to laugh or think of ways to turn so...
Sean Powersa year ago
Powers Reviews
In honor of opening day, today we will be talking the newest installment of MLB: The Show 18. For years, MLB The Show has been the premier video game for baseball lovers around the world. For those wh...