An RPG rundown; recommendations and reviews of the best role-playing games on the market.

Madyson Rocha8 months ago
'Until Dawn' - The Game of Logic
Normally I'm not one for video games. Now, hear me out everyone, that was the few years ago me. I mean, I wasn't a gamer. Then, like the person I am, I got into a TV series that you may or may not hav...
Lady Sunday8 months ago
'The Elder Scrolls VI'
Game Synopsis: Open world, one-player, RPG A Brief History of Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls originally came from a 1990s PC video game design, called Arena, for Medieval Gladiator tournament fighting to become Grand Champion. During development of Arena, some side quests were added, as well as RPG elements, locations with cities and dungeons that were separate from Arena Tournaments. The emphasis began to come away from the original design concept. Which tends to be pretty normal when you get ...
Playing Games - The Genius of 'Persona 5' - A World View
Persona 5 is a game that I have been playing every day for the past six months without fail. It is without a doubt the only story based game that I have sunk so many hours into, and continue to do so....
Playing Games - The Genius of 'Persona 5' - Writing
I have alluded to the strength of the writing in Persona 5 previously—now it is what I am going to focus on specifically, primarily because I feel if the writing is not up to standard with the rest of...
Playing Games—The Genius of 'Persona 5'—Relatable
One of the greatest strengths when it comes to Persona 5 is the quality of all the characters involved. Ranging from the core members of the Phantom Thieves, the various enemies that you have to fight...
Caleb Sherman8 months ago
Let's Tank Akali | 'League of Legends'
Not everyone can be a tank, not everyone can survive a prolonged fight, some people are intended to get in and get out, and for many, fight or flight always terminates in flight. I'm of the opinion th...
The Toasted Hydro9 months ago
'Fallout': What Now?
With the release of Fallout 76 in the future and the beta drop just on the horizon, there is a lot that needs to be said about the Fallout franchise’s past, present, and future. Going from isometric g...
Neal Litherland9 months ago
How to Build Tyler Durden in the 'Pathfinder' RPG
There are all kinds of rumors about Tyler Durden. They say no one knows what he looks like, because he's always having plastic surgery to change his face. Some people say he was born in a mental insti...
Playing Games - The Genius of 'Persona 5' - Take Your Time
"Take Your Time" is probably one of he most deceptive pieces of advice that I have ever gotten from a game. It almost gives you the feeling that the developers were genuine, yet at the same time were ...
Al Stover10 months ago
How 'Critical Role' Changed My Perception of Playing DND Characters
It’s been years since I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons. I had many fond memories of playing with friends around the gaming table and helping my character progress in their abilities and power. I had a...
Icey Writes10 months ago
Why I Love: 'Undertale'
My Review of 'Undertale' Alongside My Reasons for Loving It
Neal Litherland10 months ago
5 Tips for Playing Better Inquisitors
There are some who serve their gods with prayers. There are others who serve them with the crash of sword on shield. But there are a select few whose deeds often go unnoticed. Done in darkness, with s...
Darling Dahlia10 months ago
'Final Fantasy XI': A Dying Game?
I remember the day my father brought the game home. I remember sitting down on the floor, my eyes wide as he ran through East Ronfaure, unable to determine if that giant branch he was under was going ...
Xavier Devine10 months ago
'Horizon Zero Dawn': A Truly Mind Blowing Experience
I don't know how many of you gamers have taken the time to play this, but if you haven't yet, you are totally missing out! This beautiful RPG offers a one of a kind experience and a truly unforgettabl...
Xavier Devine10 months ago
Personal Review of 'God of War'
I just want to start off by saying that this game is one of the best, if not the best story game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Everything ranging from the little details of the world around...
Roy Jones10 months ago
'Kingpin: Life of Crime'
A PC classic from 1999, Kingpin: Life of Crime caused a lot of controversy on its release due to its graphic and violent nature. It was also pulled by a lot of retailers due to its proximity to the 'C...
Robert Andersona year ago
'Fallout 76's 'Multiplayer' Rumours Have Fans Scared
Things have started to heat up for Bethesda and E3 isn’t even here yet.
Michelle Tonguea year ago
From Newbie to Average
Let's get this started off right. Hi! My name is Michelle and I am now a moderately average gamer. I started gaming when I was about ten with my first Nintendo 64 system, and moved my way up, though a...