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Matthew Fallaize10 months ago
An Actor's Approach to Tabletop RPGs
Hi there, and welcome to the first in a series of articles taking an actors point of view towards tabletop RPG's along with some useful acting exercises and tips that may help to improve the quality o...
Mike Charesta year ago
'Final Fantasy' March Madness: Finale
And then there were eight! Rather than force the one round per article format, we’re here to settle Final Fantasy March Madness once and for all. First, check out our Elite Eight: Round 1-1 Round 1-2 ...
Jessica Choka year ago
'Aveyond - Rhen's Quest'
Just feel like helping out those who are having problems with the game called Aveyond. P.S This is no walkthrough. It's just some comments and solutions to some of the nasty quests in the game. Things...
Mike Charesta year ago
'Final Fantasy' March Madness: Round 2-1
Our Final Fantasy March Madness winners square off as we continue to separate the best from the fictional rest. Here’s a look at our opening matchups from Round 2: Round 1-1 Round 1-2 Round 1-3 Round ...
Mike Charesta year ago
'Final Fantasy' March Madness: Round 1-3
We are now halfway to the halfway point of this tournament’s first half. In other words, Final Fantasy March Madness is just getting started. Let’s recap the rules and hit today’s match-ups: Round 1-1...
Mike Charesta year ago
'Final Fantasy' March Madness: Round 1-2
More March, more madness. Another sixteen Final Fantasy characters go head to head in this immensely important, fabricated tournament of champions. Here’s another look at our rules: This tournament wi...
Mike Charesta year ago
'Final Fantasy' March Madness: Round 1-1
With real life March Madness on the way, it’s our favorite time of year to apply the addictive bracketing concept to the wide worlds of fiction. This year, the spotlight’s on Final Fantasy and the leg...
Mylyn Cala year ago
Role Play Terms and Phrases for Beginners
Role play is a fun and creative way to escape the boring, stressful routine of your everyday reality. You get to create your own world, be whoever and whatever you want to, you can do anything and eve...
Yaw Amanquaha year ago
How To Make a Community RPG
My favorite RPGs are those that can be played with other players. This doesn't only include RPGs that have multiplayer modes, but also those that generate a lot of discussions. What makes "community R...
Sean Frasera year ago
Getting Your Character a Life
One of my favorite things about D&D is character creation. It is fun, and often addicting, to come up with different combinations of race and class, rolling stats, and equipping characters. For those ...
Yaw Amanquaha year ago
How to Make Leveling up Engaging
Progression systems in video games are not something exclusive to RPGs but it is certainly one of the genre's defining features. While twitch game genres like fighting games, shoot 'em ups, and rhythm...
Yaw Amanquaha year ago
How to Make Turn-Based RPGs Engaging
The appeal of turn-based RPGs for me has always been how they can prompt the player to come up with different strategies to achieve the most efficient use of their turn. However, this hardly describes...
Just A Guya year ago
Free Town and Adventure Ideas for a Tabletop RPG
As a relatively new game master, I always like to come up with little towns full of side quests and mysteries for table top RPG’s. I also have spent hours looking online for ideas and inspiration. Thi...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
5 Tips for Playing Better Wizards
There are some whose knowledge of the arcane mysteries of the universe is unsurpassed. Who, with a wave of their hand and the whispering of a mystical phrase, can unmake reality. Masters of the occult...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
How to Build Reinhardt in the Pathfinder RPG
Reinhardt Wilhelm was one of the most recognizable figures in Overwatch. A massive crusader who distinguished himself in many battles against the omnics, he was both one of the organization's greatest...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
5 Tips For Playing Better Sorcerers
Magic is a potent force, requiring years of study and dedication to fully master. There are some, though, whose very blood runs with power. The subject of myths and legends, magic is a sorcerer's birt...
Oupost 31LVa year ago
Dreamlords Digital Promises Heaven and Hell on Earth in Upcoming Turn-Based RPG, 'Graywalkers: Purgatory'
Fires rage throughout abandoned cities, threatening to level the once-lively buildings lining now empty streets. As you walk through another desolate metropolis, a scream echoes in the distance—a soundtrack you’ve grown used to hearing. Since the event turned once prosperous lands into hellish landscapes, you’ve been chosen to lead the fight against the ungodly ones; demons with a thirst for pain and suffering. It’s not a fight you can win alone, but backed by a team of dedicated soldiers, all u...
'I Will Conquer It. And I Will Do It Without False Hope'
Faith is a very powerful thing. It can be a light in the darkness, a driving force, or a tool used to subjugate an entire nation.