Women make up a huge chunk of the game-playing population, but it ain't always simple being a girl gamer.

Tarin Campanella8 months ago
A Female Perspective on "Ellie"
In the wake of the recent Overwatch Contenders scandal/bullshit, I just want to talk about some of my experiences with online gaming as a female. Maybe this way, no one else will feel compelled to con...
Nicola P. Young10 months ago
Video Games That Are Great for Girls
Though a minority of gamers are female, that minority is a significant one–and growing. There's no denying the facts and statistics. While women make up very little of the user base for sports-based v...
Nicola P. Younga year ago
Female Game Developers You Need to Know
It's no secret that gaming, on both the creation and consumption sides, have overwhelmingly been thought of as male spheres. With growing numbers of women pursuing their interests in gaming though, th...
Jessica Smitha year ago
Gamer Girls
So I recently switched from Warframe on PC to Warframe on PS4 because Steam was having issues with my use of a PS4 controller to play. I had to log in and out five times to send/accept friend requests...
Talia Golemmea year ago
My Input on Girls in Gaming
As a kid growing up in the 2000s, I was subject to all sorts of games and consoles becoming more and more popular. I had an older brother who introduced me to all sorts of PS2 games like, Need for Spe...
Jade Rosarioa year ago
Gamer Sexism
Gender stereotyping and sexism, particularly in gaming, are two common problems throughout the gaming community. Most females within the gaming community have experienced such animosity when playing v...
Brooke Jenkinsa year ago
Representation of Girls in Video Games
The industry beginning to stray away from its old sexist ways has introduced new and more games with strong girl protagonists. Consequently, girl protagonists have made the gaming community more open ...
Mimo le Singea year ago
Badly-written Villains: Rika ('Mystic Messenger')
Whenever there's a villain involved, they're oftentimes the highlight of the story. The stakes are high, the motivations are high, and the dynamic between the villain and protagonist is captivating - ...
Brittany Regaya year ago
Talk Nerdy to Me
So, to kick this thing off… I’m Brittany Regay! I play games by day, read comics by night, and run around tomb raiding on the weekends. I decided to start this column to provide a platform to discuss,...
Chloe Gilholya year ago
Zelda's Female Empowerment
The Legend Of Zelda is one of the most well known franchises in the world of gaming. Almost everyone knows about the story of a young boy in green called Link who slays Ganon and saves Princess Zelda....
Chloe Gilholya year ago
Samus Aran's Female Empowerment
Samus Aran is the original femme fatale of Nintendo. Often referred as the first playable female character in gaming, the intergalactic bounty hunter has been a character of great interest to me. I wa...
Chloe Gilholya year ago
Bayonetta's Female Empowerment
I've come across many articles and videos about feminism and video games mixed together, but they always seem to have a very bitter undertone to it. Instead, some of these great characters are being l...
Andrea Gallegosa year ago
Toxic Gaming Communities
Video games are for pure enjoyment and can bring stories and fantasies into life. Everyone in multiplayer games finds anonymous players from around the globe, befriends them, and includes them in a te...
Amaya Perksa year ago
Growing up as a Female Gamer
Starting off as a mousy, dishwater blonde squirt of a girl I already looked like a so called nerd. Elementary school was nothing short of strange for me. The amount of bias and intriguing amount of ac...
Justin Smith2 years ago
Samus Aran- The Independent Variable
With the release of Metroid: Samus Returns being considered a return to form for the series, and all of the hype for Metroid Prime 4, I thought I'd take a moment to discuss what Samus has meant to me ...
Destiny Smith2 years ago
My KH3 Wish
You know what I really want in Kingdom Hearts 3? I want the girls looking out for each other. I want the first words on a restored Namine’s lips to be of Xion. Of the girl who had been forced into a t...
Mimo le Singe2 years ago
Gender Talk in Video Games
In Which I Discuss the Gender Debate Surrounding Link, NiGHTS, and the Toads in Mario Games
Mimo le Singe2 years ago
Is Amy Rose a Good Character?
In my very early gaming days, I'd mostly play as female characters, purely out of relatability on that very basic front. And to be honest, this is pretty much the only reason I'd play as Amy Rose as m...