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Adam Wallacea month ago
Forgotten Quests: The Original Xbox
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I dive into the maligned and forgotten and see what I can dig up. On 15 November 2001, Microsoft released the original Xbox. It was a gamble to be sure....
Logan M. Snyder2 months ago
'State of Decay 2'
When it was released May 22, 2018, State of Decay 2 was the type of game I paid little attention to. The marketing for this game was so poor and didn’t very little to catch my eye. In fact, I had neve...
Cold Pizza3 months ago
Top 10 Xbox One Exclusives
Some of these exclusives have also been released on PC (windows), but they technically still count as Xbox One exclusives, since it's the only console you can play them on.
Lewis Wilson4 months ago
Why Buy an Xbox One in 2018?
I recently upgraded my graphics card in my PC. I figured it needed an update from the trusty GTX 750 Ti I'd been using for years. So now, I'm officially a member of current gen graphics, even if it's ...
Shannon crangle6 months ago
'PUBG' Review
Into the Unknown (part 1) (Writer's Note) Player Unknown' Battleground, shortened to PUBG, is still, as of the writing of this piece, in development for console gamers (PS4 and Xbox One). This review ...
Troy Wilde10 months ago
Review of 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate' Xbox 1S
I will describe what I like, don't like, and my experience.
Martyn Colemana year ago
Can 'PUBG' Be Successful on Xbox One?
In the Autumn of 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was released for Xbox One. When I say "released," I use the term loosely, as it has only been released in Preview so it is not the full completed ve...
Gaby Ferreiraa year ago
Here's Why People Love 'Cuphead'
By now, you’ve probably heard about Cuphead and how hard it supposedly is. The Xbox One and Windows exclusive has been taking the world by storm since being released at the end of September and has had many jumping in just to find out whether they can actually beat it. There’s has been some debate regarding how hard the game actually is, with some people suggesting that many are just exaggerating the difficulty and others suggesting that the game is really the devil itself, but this is something...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Opinion: Sorry Microsoft, The Xbox One X Is Already In Trouble
Are you a fan of meticulously crafted racing games? What about cartoon style retro titles where platforming is going to become your best friend? That's the bet that Microsoft is making with the recent...
Dustin Murphya year ago
The Xbox Scorpio Will Fix Xbox One’s Biggest Problem: Backwards Compatibility
If you were to buy an Xbox One today you'd be astonished by how good the backwards compatibility list is. Games ranging from Fallout 3, Dark Souls, the Gears of War franchise, Lost Odyssey, and even B...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Xbox's Phil Spencer Has Been Given A Huge Promotion At Microsoft
Since 1988, Phil Spencer has been hard at work helping grow the Xbox One Brand, and even assumed control of it in 2014 after Satya Nadella became CEO of the company. Since joining Microsoft's division...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Xbox Scorpio Is the Reason Microsoft Doesn't Have Exclusive Games
There's no doubt in anyone's mind that the Xbox One has a lackluster exclusive line-up. Even if the games have been relatively strong, there's still that missing AAA X-factor. While games such as Halo...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Microsoft's 'Halo' VR Experience Could Bode Well For The Xbox One X
It seems these days that everyone is ready to see just how well their big-name franchises can do in VR. Companies such as Bethesda have made some bold moves with their ventures into VR, titles such as...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Latest Xbox One Preview Program Update Adds Game Gifting
Gifting games is nothing new to Steam users. They've been doing it for quite some time now, but lately, it seems that Microsoft is taking a page from their book, and following in their steps. As of re...
Dustin Murphya year ago
From Zero to Hero: How Phil Spencer Is Re-innovating Gaming on Xbox One
Three years ago it was a difficult moment when we began to watch former Xbox head-honcho Don Mattrick took the stage to unveil the future of Xbox with the Xbox One. Don Mattrick was the figure-head th...
Dustin Murphya year ago
Xbox President Phil Spencer Believes Single Player Games Are Endangered
When it comes to backwards compatibility, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is a man devoted to keeping the past alive. The ability to play original #Xbox games on modern consoles is a feature so often ...
Matthew Baileya year ago
April's Xbox One Update Will Finally Speed up the Dashboard, and Introduce Better Streaming
Microsoft has made several changes to the Xbox One software over the past three years, and although it's been a slow process, the improvements have been well received. Since the console's launch in No...
Jay Vergaraa year ago
Why 'Xbox Game Pass' Wanting To Be the 'Netflix of Gaming' Makes No Sense
We're living in a pretty connected world in 2017. That you're probably reading this on your cell phone while you're pretending to do things at work is a testament to that. Faster internet speeds and i...