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Taking a Spin at Roulette

Online Casinos

Taking a Spin at Roulette

Roulette is a very popular game in online casinos because it is so easy to play and so easy to win. In microgaming online casinos, bets are placed as to where the ball will land on the wheel. The options for betting in roulette are black or red, evens, odds, each individual number, etc. Roulette is a great game for beginners, as well.

Breaking Down the Game of Roulette

  • Croupier—the roulette game’s dealer; spins Roulette wheel in one direction while tossing the ball in the opposite direction
  • The American version of roulette use green 0 and 00 fields for betting as well as numbers 1-36.
  • Bets can also be placed on a range of numbers such as 1-18 (manqué) or 19-36 (passé).
  • Bets can be made on even numbers (pair) or odd numbers (impair).
  • Bets can also be made on red (rogue) and black (noir) spots.
  • Bets placed on certain areas of the table offer different payouts, and bets can be placed on any combination of betting spots.
  • The results of roulette are completely unpredictable. Bets are made against the house and can be made until the ball starts to slow down.
  • Bets are made against the house and can be made until the ball starts to slow down.

More Details on Betting

There are two different betting categories including inside bets and outside bets. Payouts depend on the specific outcome and its probability.

Inside bets are bets made on numbers.

  • Straight—making a bet on one number
  • Split—betting on two numbers next to each other by placing chips on the line that separates these numbers.
  • Street—betting on three numbers in the same line
  • Corner—referred to as a square bet; player bets on four numbers
  • Sixline—bets placed on two adjoining streets totaling six numbers
Outside bets are all other bets that you can make, including the following.
  • Even money bets —making bets on almost half of the options including 18 numbers
  • Group bets—making bets on dozen segments of numbers
  • Column—betting on twelve numbers in three vertical lines

Groups of Numbers

There are additional names for the different groups of numbers:

  • Neighbors of Zero—numbers 22 through 25 because they lie next to the zero
  • The Third Tiers—numbers 27 through 33
  • Orphans—the eight numbers surrounding the Neighbors of Zero and the Third Tiers

Roulette is one of simplest games to play in an online casino game. With the knowledge provided and a little gameplay to get you comfortable, you will be winning rounds of Roulette before you know it, just be sure that you don’t get too involved and start betting off more than you should.

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Taking a Spin at Roulette
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