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'Team Sonic Racing' 2018 Official Teaser Revealed!!

New Information on Trailer, Characters, Stages, Story, and Much More!

Image Credit: @sonic_hedgehog

Welcome, Sonic fans!!

We are getting new Sonic racing information. It is the Team Sonic Racing game that is coming out later this year. 

I am yours truly, Michael, and today, I will cover the teaser for the upcoming Sonic racing game and more details. I will also give you guys my predictions on why I think the trailer will show at E3.

So, without further ado, let's jump right in!

'Sonic Racing' will be released this winter!

Now Aaron Webber did "confirm" here in a livestream that happened a few days ago that we are getting new information about this game very soon. He also said to wait for E3. So, I can possibly imagine if this is going to happen, that we will be getting an "official" trailer for this game soon. It will be an official trailer, showing off gameplay, characters, stages, story, and much more.

I cannot wait for the release of this game!

Now, the teaser did show us a good amount because I am going to assume that the game will be released somewhere in December. That seems like a pretty good estimated time frame for the Sonic racing game to be released. It did say that it will be coming soon in the winter time. I am really hoping that this game blows our minds and expectations. 

A Throwback Feature of Sonic Racing!

So, I think this is definitely a game with throwback features, as all racing games tend to do. For example, taking stages from previous games and turning them into race tracks. I think that is exactly what this game is going to be. So it would be quite weird if they were totally branched out and go the Sonic route of making a brand-new game with new locations and everything. Personally, I would rather see the old locations than the new ones because old locations are different with racing games.

I feel like it's different with racing games in spin-off games because you are seeing them in a new light. We are seeing them with racing tracks and a different mix of music. I hope we are getting new music because if we don't, I will be really disappointed.

The teaser looks really good so far and once we get the full trailer, I sure bet it would look even better.

Characters Revealed!

Now in the Sonic racing game, we are getting characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Eggman, and Classic Sonic. I guarantee you, Classic Sonic will be in this game. I will be really shocked if he is not in this game because he has been established as his own character, basically. I do think that Classic Sonic will be in this game and also the "Green Hills" stage as well. I do believe that this racing game will be based on the Sonic Generations version, not the Sonic Forces version. 

For Sonic Generations, it would be easier to based off of this game and the Sonic Forces is newer. So it would take too much time trying to establish that for a race track.

Sonic Racing at Green Hills!

Also, the fact that visually, the "Green Hills" in Sonic Forces is so bland and blocky. It just looks lame with a green block hill. We will get some story mode in this new racing game. Now, I do not know if the story will be like Sonic Rivals or other previous Sonic games. I would hope that we are getting a full voice acting again. They would probably get Roger Craig Smith as the voice of Sonic. Now, if we get lines from Sonic Forces as a "victory" line, that would be awesome.

In Sonic Rivals, we had infamous lines like, "I beat you every time" and "let's do that again sometime." We will probably get those type of victory lines in this game. I hope they provide us with new victory lines in this game. Now, in the demo, we will probably see new stages. There will be both easy and hard modes. 

Sonic & Shadow Racing Against Each Other!

As I mentioned earlier, the game will be released this winter, around December-ish, and it will be available on Nintendo Switch. The racing game will also be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can pre-order before the game is released below:

That is basically all the new information I have predicted. 

So far, we will be getting an official trailer. We are also going to get 3 new racing tracks at E3. One of them will probably be Green Hills. Classic Sonic and other characters will be in the game. We will get a new mix of music and a glimpse of the story as well. 

I hope Sticks appears in the game. 

So that is all the information we have so far and more will be coming in. 

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^

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'Team Sonic Racing' 2018 Official Teaser Revealed!!
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