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The Cheapest 'Non-Stamp' Items for Your Stamp Album


So you're starting to collect...but you notice that some of the stamps are way too expensive! Let me save you some time with this list. Just below is a series of lists of the cheapest knick knacks to add to your 'Stamp Album' in Neopets. Except here's the thing, nothing on this list are actually stamps. Finding stamps is easy, but how do you know what the other collectibles are? Have you had one or two in your inventory and didn't even know it? I did! Which is exactly I made this super easy and simple article that can help you start your 'Stamp Album.' I hope it helps! :)

About the Lists Below

  •  I made sure to keep the different pages separate to help make the list easier to follow.
  •  While prices fluctuate, all of these items are aimed to be under 2,000 Neopoints.
  • Each little list starts with the cheapest (as of 2019), then they continue up in price.
  • Please note that prices fluctuate throughout the day. If an item is too pricey now...try again in 20 minutes or so. 
  • This list was made in 2019. Over time the prices of the items will change. 
  • Have fun collecting!

Sea Shells

  • Purple Scallop Shell 
  • Green Clam Shell 
  • Shiny Purple Cowry Shell
  • Glossy Blue Shell
  • Green Smooth Shell
  • Brown Spotted Shell

Treasure of the Deep

  • Necklace of the Deep
  • Earrings of the Deep 
  • Circlet of the Deep 
  • Tiara of the Deep 
  • Bangles of the Deep 
  • Hairpin of the Deep 

Maractite Coin

  • Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin 
  • Round Maractite Coin
  • Squared Maractite Coin 
  • Half Maractite Coin 
  • Dual Tone Maractite Coin 
  • Maractite Waves Coin
  • Maraquan Kau Maractite Coin 
  • Seaweed Design Maractite Coin 
  • Deformed Maractite Coin

Space Station Coins

  • Grundo Veggieballs Coin 
  • Grobleen Salad Coin 
  • Cosmic Cheese Stars Coin 
  • Grundo Warehouse Coin 
  • Adopt A Grundo Coin
  • Gormball Coin 
  • H4000 Helmet Coin


  • Snowager Collectable Charm
  • Green Paint Brush Collectable Charm
  • Tagobo Potion Collectable Charm 
  • Bori Gnome Collectable Charm

  • Flower Trumpet Collectable Charm 

  • Chia Gnome Collectable Charm 

  • Chomby Gnome Collectable Charm 

  • Schnelly Collectable Charm 

  • Bika Collectable Charm 

  • Nimmo Gnome Collectable Charm 


  • Basic Yellow Collectable Scarab
  • Common Desert Collectable Scarab 
  • Striped Blue Collectable Scarab 
  • Polkadot Collectable Scarab 
  • Basic Fringed Collectable Scarab


  • Haunted Brightvale Amulet 
  • Frozen Snowflake Coin

Starting Your Stamp Album

This is the easy part, getting the full collection would require lots of Neopoints and lots of hunting for rare stamps.

Most people who actively play Neopets are only at about 40 percent far in filling their Stamp Album.  This is a healthy goal. Maybe even 50 percent if you're a dedicated gamer.

My Stamp Collecting Experience

It turns out that the Shop Wizard doesn't always show you the greatest deal. I was at a shop for one stamp...when I saw another that I wanted for 8000 Neopoints. I quickly typed it into shop wizard to have it bring up only 2 stamps for sale, both over 55K. I was shocked, so I quickly backtracked to the shop that had it for only 8000, then bought it from there. 

This isn't a one-time thing, it wasn't a 'glitch' or 'fluke.' I took a look at Reddit and it turns out that lots of people are saying the same thing. So if you want the best prices, you have to dig for them.

Want to read more?

Hi! I'm Nancy! I'm an avid Neopets player with lots of blogs. So if you're looking to read more about Neopets then please feel free to follow me. You are more than welcome to say 'Hi!' I'm friendly, I promise.

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The Cheapest 'Non-Stamp' Items for Your Stamp Album
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