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'The Division' Is Fun Again, Check Out All The New Content In The Works

Recently, The Division underwent enormous changes to how the end game plays that has helped bring many players who previously quit back into the fold.

Courtesy of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft.

Over the months since it's release, Tom Clancy's The Division has suffered many of the same issues Bungie's smash-hit title Destiny did. Even with its highly-anticipated Jake Gyllenhaal fronted movie on its way, The Division has struggled. The game offers a decent amount of content through max level, but suffered due to lack of replay-ability, end game content, user friendliness, high-end gear farming, and even its split focus on both co-op multiplayer and PvP.

Even still, The Division has retained a loyal player base. Recently, The Division underwent enormous changes to how the end game plays that has helped bring many players who previously quit back into the fold.

The Patch That Fixed The Game

Courtesy of Kotaku

The latest update fixed some underlying issues. Gear is now easier to obtain, there's more reward behind completing missions, and if you struggled to obtain items, whether you were in missions or the streets, it's not so much a problem anymore.

The patch changed these systems enough that it's bringing players back who have been gone quite sometime—even players like myself. First-off, there are now world tiers for players to go through. This will establish a higher difficulty in enemies, but proves rather enjoyable since you can get higher level gear more regularly thanks to the new reward system. People who aren't geared for play solo can can also find this to be a bit more fun since the new queuing system allows for players to find co-op partners a bit easier.

With a better scaling difficulty, easier group play, and more avenues for loot, the game is more enjoyable than it's ever been. The success of the recent patch, combined with the backing of their long time fans, is giving Ubisoft the confidence to take the game to an even larger scale with their upcoming expansion titled "Survival".

Survival Mode

This new, large, and ambitious mode is a new multiplayer survival game. It brings hunger, heat, and thirst to the forefront as people will fight for survival in New York City's deadly landscapes. In this new mode players will be forced to explore the streets of New York City in a more visceral way than ever.

This third expansion isn't just about adding more content, but it's also an attempt to fix many of the issues that have plagued the game since its launch. This new mode is an optional mode with a focus on survival. Think of it as an extra mission, one with very precise and distinct systems in place for players to enjoy.

Courtesy of Ubisoft's Live-Stream.

The downside to this new mode? Your character could very-well die within the two-hour limit the game has. This means that you, the player, will take to the same map as you know before, but with a much different scenario in place. You'll be attempting to survive through a deadly blizzard that is bearing down on New York City and a group of fellow Division agents who need to make it to the center of Manhattan before it's too late. Their mission: to retrieve a key antiviral drug that could stop Green Poison.

This new mode will be the largest mutliplayer scaling to date for the title and will put 24 players together as they matchmake into a survival session. They'll find themselves spawning in different locations of the city and also stripped of their gear. Your objective is to try to make it to the center of Manhattan before dying from the blizzard that's moving in on you.

Your new digital playground is the entire full map of the game; but it's been re-worked to show the impact of the blizzard as it moves in. If you are wondering what your gear will be like, you'll be consistently using low-level green items and a pistol. Yup a pistol. You'll be able to utilize burning trash-can barrels in order to warm-up since hypothermia will become a legitimate threat.

Courtesy of Ubisoft's Live-Stream.

Additionally, the mode offers up new challenges as players will find themselves fighting to survive using medicine. Sadly, hunger will grow, limiting a players health regeneration, and even thirst, which will lower a players vision as well as awareness. Cold, as one would assume, will slowly drain your health leaving you to die.

Players will find themselves tearing through helicopter crash sites, searching through rather familiar apartments, and even finding new clothing options. Remember those vanity items? They will now have a cold rating, which will allow players to warm themselves differently depending on what they choose. You'll also be able to hunker down in apartments or stand near fire barrels to warm yourself.

Your ultimate goal while surviving? To get to the Dark Zone. Here players will find the antiviral drugs you need to extract in order to survive. Here you will also find tougher enemies and put your survival skills to the ultimate test as players fight against the weakest of the weak AI enemies on the perimeter of Manhattan, and the deadliest in the center.

Your reward for extracting the antivirus? The best loot possible for completing the mode. While it might sound like just a walk in Central Park, it's not. This new mode is quite punishing and will feature no re-spawns unless players are revived by others or self-revive using medkits. Just like in the base game, you will die without proper help in the allotted time. You will also be rewarded based on your score before being taken back to the main game. Those that extract will be awarded the best rewards.

Will this be enough to save Tom Clancy's The Division and help spark a sequel? We can only hope so as the days begin to tick towards the release of this DLC that has yet to be dated. Lets just hope it's as awesome as it sounds, especially since the game ranked in as the second best-selling game of this year.

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'The Division' Is Fun Again, Check Out All The New Content In The Works
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