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The Hottest Gamer Girls on Instagram Right Now

Love sexy, geeky girls? Then check out this sizzling list of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram.

If you ask most guys, they'll tell you that gamer girls are a rare breed that makes them feel weak in the knees. They are sexy, yes, but they also are ladies who have awesome taste in hobbies and a great personality to match. 

With the advent of Twitch streaming, gamer girls have started to get their own fandoms. With their popularity booming, many gamer girls have also started to take to Instagram, alongside their hyper-popular Twitch accounts. 

Love seeing hot ladies on Instagram? Adore seeing gamer girls looking their best? Then you'll love our list of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram!


Part cosplayer, part gamer on the side of team Sony, Kelly is one of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram to ever don a Mario costume. Her Insta shows her flaunting her awesome collection of games, showing off her favorite Star Wars merchandise, and just really being her epic self. 

Her favorite games include Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy XV, however, it seems like she is always down to play just about any game that comes out for the PS4. 

You can follow her Instagram @kellyvideogames


Twitch streamer and Instagram hottie Aurora Kelly makes no qualms about showing off her geeky side. This busty brunette shows off her cosplay skills fairly regularly, and often posts inspirational messages alongside her epic outfit shots. 

When she's on Twitch, you can regularly see her play Overwatch, Tekken, and Street Fighter—proving once again that the hottest gamer girls on Instagram can kick some serious butt. 

You can follow her Instagram @city.alien.


Sw33t_aperelli, also known as Ruth, is one of the cutest girls on this list. Maybe it's her large brown eyes, her high cheekbones, or just the way she poses on Instagram, but whatever it is, she always manages to bring on her kawaii side to things. 

Cute as she is, she's still a gaming force to be reckoned with. Her passionate love for Overwatch and Destiny can easily be seen on her Insta—and so can her adoration for a killer PC gaming setup. 

You can follow her Instagram @sw33t_aperelli


Though a lot of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram definitely show that they are more than just a model who enjoys video games, few have as much fun being a Jill-of-all-trades as Mia. 

Mia, also known as fr0toe on Instagram, is a chef, an avid PC gamer, a cosplayer, a Twitch gamer, and an artist. So, not only is she a super-hot Instagram model, she's also one of the sexiest Twitch streamers you'll see out there, too. 

You can follow her Instagram @fr0toe

You can find her on Twitch @Fr0toe.


Minzy is a Chinese-Canadian who's known for being one of the hottest Twitch accounts on the net—and she's also got a sizzling Instagram account, too. That, by default, makes this cosplayer one of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram. 

When she's on Twitch, she's killing it on games like League of Legends (without getting banned for toxic behavior, because she's a nice person), as well as enjoying her time on cuter games like Maple Story. No matter what she's up to, she's awesome doing it—and that's why you got to follow her!

You can follow her Instagram @Minzy.exe.


Botany enthusiast and incredibly passionate video gamer, Jodie, also known as a_wallflowerr, rightfully earned her right to call herself as one of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram. Her Insta is filled with eye candy of all sorts and that's why guys go gaga for her.

Killer cosplay outfits, beautiful body shots, and plenty of posts dealing with her love of gaming make her incredibly attractive. Following her is a great life decision. 

You can follow her Instagram @a_wallflowerr


Mariel, also known as trekkie4life22 on Instagram, is kind of a Holy Grail in the world of geekdom. She's incredibly attractive, loves gaming, and also happens to be a major fan of Star Trek. Did we mention that she's also a very talented cosplayer with a serious flair for Dragon Ball Z outfits, too? 

Yeah, we didn't think it was possible, either, but here we are. She's real, she's awesome, and she's rapidly becoming one of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram to achieve stardom. 

You can follow her Instagram @trekkie4life22


Love your Instagram models geeky and leggy? Well, Courtenay, also known as gypsy.legs, will definitely be one of the hottest gamer girls on your Instagram list. The heavily-inked beauty is known for her love of horror movies as well as her love of gaming. 

She's a major fan of Xbox One games, including Fallout 4 and Skyrim. That being said, you can catch her playing any of the best Xbox one games from time to time—and that makes her pretty cool to follow, if you ask us. 

You can follow her Instagram @gypsy.legs

You can find her on Twitch @GypsyLeggs.


ChloeLockleyy, also known as Chloe Lock, isn't just one of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram. She's also one of the sexiest Twitch streamers on the scene, a professional model, and a college student who has an interest in the sciences. 

When she's not kicking butt on Twitch, she's kicking butt on photoshoots. She even was a finalist on Britain's Next Top Model last year, making her the most famous on this entire list. 

You can follow her Twitch @chloelock.

You can follow her Instagram @ChloeLockleyy.

Chloe Lock also made our list of the Hottest Gamer Girls on Twitch Streaming Now.


Victoria, also known as vikkivampire, has a hyper-popular Twitch stream and tons of Instagram fans. She's also one of the most easily recognizable girls on this list thanks to her love of having bright, cotton candy pink hair as part of her look. 

When she's not killing baddies in the gaming world, she's living life as a registered nurse. So, not only does she have the face of a model and a body to match, but she's also capable of nursing you back to health in a pinch. No wonder she's one of the hottest gamer girls on Instagram, eh?

You can follow her Twitch @vikkivampiree

You can follow her Instagram @vikkivampire.

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The Hottest Gamer Girls on Instagram Right Now
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