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'The Letter' Collector’s Edition

It’s finally arrived!

I’ve written quite a lot about this Horror Visual Novel since I started playing it last year. The year has gone so fast within a blink of an eye and The Letter will have celebrated its first birthday. The Letter is set in the fictional British City of Luxbourne and where a Letter and a terrifying ghost (affectionately nicknamed Cuddles by the fandom and devs) causes havoc. It stands out from a lot of visual novels with full English voice acting, animated CGIs and QTEs. 

One of the most important emphasis of the game is that choices matter. We have a potential to see comas, possession, drunken sex, pregnancy, and some gruesome corpses depending on the choices made. Once you’ve played the game a few times, you can get to know which choices you want to get the route you want, but I recommend playing blind first to enhance the experience. I’ve played this game many times on my phone and laptop and got all the Steam achievements. Still got a long way to go on my phone though, and I still play it from time to time and I still enjoy it because it’s very replayable. 

The Letter highlights what I love in visual novels; good writing, interesting characters, and lots of choice and room to experiment. When I first heard about the collector's edition box set, I heard it was originally only going to be exclusive to Kickstarter founders and the team who took part. 

Now that Yangyang Mobile have their own physical merchandise store up, the collector's edition is now available to buy. It’s a long wait, but I think it’s worth it. 

Help me!

The letter that changed everything. It’s going to be a useful prop when I go out and cosplay as any of the characters. It feels very authentic and also old and fragile like I’m holding the real letter in my hand. It’s a great touch. 

Takako’s Box

Cuddles looks pretty cute in this box. It holds the figure of the ghost Takako in it. I still like calling her Cuddles, though. 

Takako Figure

She’s about the same size as the Funko figures. She’s really well made in my opinion. It looks like she’s been hand painted. 


Keychains of all the characters in manga style. I’m really tempted to open them up and set them free but want to keep them sealed. I might buy some more at a later date. 

All of them capture the characters well in a cute chibi style. There’s Luke with his wine (I think he’d feel naked without alcohol), Ashton with his gun, Becca with her book, Zachary with his trusty camera, and Isabella with her smile. 


Love the summer poster. I especially like the way Ashton is checking out Isabella with his popsicle. Luke looks like he’s staring at Becca’s chest. Love Marianne in this one; it’s like she’s channelling her inner-Bayonetta. 


Postcards with the main seven characters. The cropped version of these are available on Steam as trading cards. The colour scheme to these are really lovely. 

There’s more!

The artbook is great, full of information, and is in brilliant quality. I have the DLC on Steam, but it doesn’t beat having a physical version of it. The stickers are so adorable. 

The game CD cover and the artbook both have Steam keys for the game and the soundtrack has the Steam key for the DLC. So you can pass a digital copy for your friends too. Ain’t that nice? 

Last But Not Least

The shirt featuring Takako/Cuddles or whatever you want to call her. It’s a very comftable shirt and it’s great for this sort of weather. 

Me Wearing the Top

All of the stuff you can buy separately on their web store, but I think it’s nice having all of it together because it fits nicely in the little box. It’s expensive, but for me it’s worth it because I’ve been so invested in this small fandom.