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The Top 5 'King's Quest' Games

King's Quest is an iconic classic that is something to look forward to. These are a list of my favorites listed in order.

King's Quest, one of the best games on PC and consoles, is iconic. As a child I loved how you controlled the character, allowing you to explore, but also teaching you the right way to spell a word. It was a way to teach young kids back in those days how to type and fast, because if you didn't, then you died and you had to start all over unless you learned to save early; save often during the lesson, then you'll be fine. Roberta Williams started the KQ game and the market boomed. To learn of King Graham's history where he began life as a knight searching for the three lost treasures of Daventry, gave you an insight into his character, habits, quirks, personality, and other qualities—despite him being a knight in shining armor. I will explore my top five KQ games based on how I see them.

5. 'King's Quest: Quest for the Crown'

The original and the very first KQ game that told the story of a king who was about to give up the quest, but one day he called to his bravest knight, Sir Graham of Daventry. King Edward the Benevolent sent the knight on a quest to retrieve three lost treasures of Daventry, for which Edward foolishly lost due to him being gullible. Apparently, he was too weak to clean up the mess he made, so he chose someone he knew would get the job done. This is what told me everything I need to know about Graham before he inherited his kingdom and what tasks he needed to do in order to achieve such a reward, the throne. That will set the pace for years to come, Graham knows it will be a responsibility because he must make sure to listen to his people, listen to advise when needed and he will need to seek a woman at his side to share the duties of rulership.

4. 'King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne'

Ah! Love is blooming in the air! When King Graham sits there in his throne chair dreaming of a girl who will share his chambers and everything else, but none was suitable cause she did not make his heart pound enough, the feelings of love are several signs. So, when Graham stands to view into his magic mirror he finds a woman trapped in a tower in a faraway land and decides to travel far to reach her. This chapter introduces Little Red Riding Hood, Dracula, and numerous other folklore. A romantic tale where the King will reach his beloved just to have her if he must, they say love makes you do the craziest things and they were right. King's Quest II is a classic, adventure game that is one of the best.

3. 'King's Quest IV: Perils of Rosella'

The daughter of King Graham and Queen Valanice is on a quest to bring back a magic fruit that will heal her father of a terrible disease he has been afflicted with, but is caught up in a whirl of other problems such as a fairy's need for her assistance as well for an evil fairy has stolen her talisman and without it she will die in 24 hours or she won't be able to bring the main character (you as Rosella) back home meaning you're screwed so better help her while taking the fruit at the same time. That is killing two birds with one stone. This is indeed a challenge cause this time you play a damsel instead of the masculine heroic type, something different which is something I love. When a woman can do just as well as the males that are always an interesting change in things. You are also forced to help the dark fairy, Lolotte, retrieve three items where she puts you in many serious dangerous situations and you're breaking the law on her part by breaking into someone else's home, defiling sacred grounds, you name it. If you love challenges KQ IV is a recommendation.

2. 'King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human'

This is one of my favorites, but it is my second favorite and it's because you get to cast many kinds of spells and perform magic using a spell book, but in order to do so you must use precious timing. This is one of the most breathtaking and challenging classic games back in my day this was the kind of game that could also stump you, it was also critical since you had to do everything before you master returns from his long, strenuous, journey. I was on the edge of my seat at every moment as the wizard Mannanan watched me with those glaring eyes of his hoping you're not being naughty!!! You do, then zap, you're gone. It's probably why I love this game to a T due to its complex puzzles along with sights to behold. You are a slave in the home belonging to your master, who abducted you years ago from your crib as an infant. While under his care you were forced to obey his orders or you were punished, the punishment varies and is never good to be on your best behavior. The objective is to defeat the evil wizard, escape from him before he kills you because he has killed 18-year-old boys before you just to prevent a mistake that occurred with his first slave. KQ III is great if you like magic.

1. 'King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow'

The finale, KQ VI is chosen due to the cast who voiced each and every character with music to boost. Alexander is back as he must embark on a new journey to the Land of the Green Isles as he is besotted with a girl he met in King's Quest V while he was abducted along with his entire family just because of what he did to Mordack's brother, Mannanan, in KQ III. However, Alexander is unable to do so since he knew no magic and only learned it prior in a desperate attempt to escape from the wizard in KQ III. The story was superb, the characters amazing, there was also where Prince Alexander stood face to face with Death himself, I could not turn away from.

Leah Mays
Leah Mays


I am from Nashville, TN and have always loved games, played them at a very young age. I've also written many stories pertaining to folklore. I've moderated several storylines in the past so my writing needs a little brushing up.

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