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'The Witcher' Wishlist: 5 Actors Perfect for the Netflix Series

Casting Call for: Monster Hunters, Successes, and the Lady of Space and Time

The Witcher: Wild Hunt video game was a transformative experience in my gaming life. It was the swallow I needed to heal my distaste for role playing games. I used to look down at RPG's as big fanciful rubbish. I even shunned Skyrim, the granddaddy all-father of RPG’s.

But I fell in love with Geralt, Triss, Yennefer, Ciri and the whole tapestry of The Witcher both in form and substance. Now I am an RPG disciple and I am overwhelmingly excited for the upcoming Netflix series. A few cast members have already been announced but I will fan cast all the main characters nonetheless.

Geralt of Rivia - Joel Kinnaman

I was excited when Henry Cavill was announced as Geralt. However, I think Joel Kinnaman would make a perfect Geralt. He is tall, dark, and ripped and has one of the best gravelly laconic voices and jawline in the business. Sadly, I expect he was overlooked because of his recent Netflix excursion in Altered Carbon. Too soon for another Kinnaman led project perhaps.

Close Second: Henry Cavill

Yennefer of Vengerberg - Natalie Dormer

Yennefer is my least favourite vertex in the love triangle of Geralt, Triss, and her. She is manipulative and self-centred. She loves Geralt, but their relationship would never be her central priority. Natalie Dormer plays cunning wrapped with genuine emotion with great skill. She displayed her potential in The Tudors and then Game of Thrones. Yennefer would be a chance for her to be a dangerous woman in her own right rather than one whose only route to power is manipulating the men who hold the power. Yennefer has enough power. She loves Geralt, but she doesn’t need him.

Close Second: Rebecca Ferguson

Triss Merigold - Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton is excellent at emotional depth mixed with a firm edge of strength. Triss is powerful and led by her heart. I think Triss and Geralt should be together. She is kind and genuine where Yennefer is sharp and manipulative. They’re both witches and so wield their own power, but Triss uses hers for the welfare of others. Her abundance of heart is what makes her relationship with Geralt work. They are opposites and together they are a greater force because of their differences.

Close Second: Hayley Atwell

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon - Dakota Fanning

War of the Worlds scared me more than a forest of Leshen. The standout performance for me was Tom Cruise's daughter. Fanning was a blindingly powerful actor 13 years ago. I can’t imagine how good she must be now. Ciri inherited substantial powers and she’s the heiress to the Empire of Nilfgaard—Ciri is kind of a big deal. That’s a lot of weight for any actor and I’m sure Fanning could carry it all.

Close Second: Saoirse Ronan

Uncle Vesemir - Ron Perlman

I've just been binging Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and I am inspired. Vesemir is a grumpy old bastard and Ron Perlman gives an exemplary grumpy old bastard. Vesemir is mentor to all the Wolf School Witchers. If he swaps his Harley for a horse, Ron Perlman could do great things with this role.

Close Second: Ed Harris

In Conclusion

As of this week Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer have been cast. Only Vesemir and Triss remain to be chosen so maybe my Wishlist has a chance. Until then, my friends, keep on slaying.


Henry Cavill will make an excellent Geralt. He's a stunning actor and a genuine fan of the series. I expect he has taken this project as a labour of love rather than a money maker. He was Superman. He's probably in the top three most expensive actors on the planet. His normal fee would likely bankrupt the project, leaving only spare change for anything else.

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'The Witcher' Wishlist: 5 Actors Perfect for the Netflix Series
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