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Top 10 Best 'Super Mario Party' Minigames

The best 'Super Mario Party' minigames will have you yelling at your friends all night long and have fun while doing it.

There ain’t no party like a Super Mario Party. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Super Mario Party Minigames.

For this list, we’re picking out the 10 best mini-games in Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch based on how original, creative, and how much fun they were. If you’d like to see what we thought about the game altogether, be sure to check out our review of the game over on MojoPlays.

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#10: “Bumper Brawl”

A reimagined version of the series classic “Bumper Balls” complimented with the ability for NPC allies to join in on the game for absolute carnage. This time around, however, each ball comes with a charge attack allowing you to send your opponents flying, but will also send you off the stage if you miss. Even better is that it’s available in both 4 player and 2v2 setups, providing a lot of replay value.

#9: “Candy Shakedown”

Let’s face it, we’ve all had that moment where we’ve tried to get our favorite piece of candy out of a candy jar. So what are the odds it could end up turning out to be a deceptively deep mini game? Out of all the motion control based minigames in Super Mario Party, this one handles them the best, as it allows players to either carefully tilt the jar to get that one wedged candy out, or just shake it till it drops. Whatever your method is to get candy out of jars in real life, it’s time to put it to good use.

#8: “What a Racket”

It’s badminton with bombs, but also with uneven teams. This minigame has 3 players go up against one player with an oversized racket to swat parachuting bombs into each others field. For such a wacky concept, there’s a lot of strategy involved, the 3 players really need to work their sides of the field to take down the single player, and should that happen it can be a very rewarding experience. Just don’t forget: these are bombs, so they can blow up in your face.

#7: “Air to a Fortune”

Hope your poker face is good because you’re going to need it against your friends. The premise for this coin minigame is very clever; 4 players are on a 3x3 grid able to grab coins in one of 3 directions, each yielding different amounts. But if two players go for the same space, they both get nothing. Basically: how well do you know your friends: Are they the greedy type? Do they play conservatively? This one is bound to create some tense staredowns.

#6: “Nut Cases”

There’s a handful of minigames in Super Mario Party that make use of the “HD Rumble” but without a doubt this team minigame handles it the best is this 2 v 2 game. In this game; players have to collect boxes and use the rumble feature to try and figure out how many nuts are in each box, and the team with the most nuts collected wins. If you do win, it’s incredibly satisfying knowing that you won based on what you felt, rather than what you see on screen, just goes to show how far Nintendo thought ahead with the Switch.

#5: “Sign, Steal, Deliver”

What’s a more effective package delivery service? One man with a drone, or three men doing the leg work? That’s the question this 1v3 minigame sets to answer, as these two teams work a package dispatch service to load the most amount of package onto two trucks. The catch is: workers on foot can carry two packages at once, the drone can’t, BUT the drone can also steal one of their second package. These matches can be absolutely nail biting if co-ordinated right, and we won’t be surprised if Amazon starts making their employees play this game for productivity research.

#4: “Soak or Croak”

[Or as we like to call it, “Super Splash Brothers.”]

No seriously how much of a better title is that? It makes so much sense when you think about it: You have 4 players in a fountain, each with a pressurized water gun, which they have to use to shoot each other off the edge. Hence: Smash Brothers with water guns? Ey? Eyyyy? Ok maybe it’s more similar to Splatoon, considering you also have to refill the guns in the fountain, but hey at least it gives us an opportunity to say: “Hey everyone! Waluigi won a game of "Super Splash Brothers."

#3: “Stake Your Claim”

Now here’s a game that’s bound to boggle your mind. The goal is simple: Pick the biggest slice of a rectangle. Sounds easy right? Well not really, as the bizarre shapes of these slices make their sizes seem really deceptive, plus the fact that there’s only a small difference in size between each slice makes this a real head scratcher, you also have to think fast too as once a player claims a slice; nobody else can. This is one of those minigames that’ll leave you with an “Oh wow” moment.

#2: “Pie Hard”

Now here’s a game that it so easy to understand: It’s a 2 vs 2 Pie Fight. I mean come on, who hasn’t wanted to get involved in a pie fight but didn’t want to be the one to do the cooking and cleanup? Not only that, but it’s just so incredibly fun to clobber your opponents in the face with a pie and it’s hilarious to see everyone covered in meringue by the end of the match. Oh and considering the pun in the title, we can’t waste an opportunity to say this: “Yippie-Pie-Yay Mother … Puffer” ...Sorry, the game is rated “E for Everyone.”

Before we get to our best game in Super Mario Party, here are a few honorable mentions:

  • “Sphere Mongers”
  • “Dust Buddies”
  • “Dash and Dine”

#1: “Slaperazzi”

Oh the amount of priceless moments this minigame brings. Here, players have to get the closest to a photographer as he takes their picture, and they have to punch other players out of frame if they’re in the way. I mean if this isn’t some crazy allegory about wannabe celebrities willing to attack others to be in the spotlight, I don’t know what is. Not only that, but the photo that emerge are hilarious, with characters often caught with embarrassing poses or expressions just as the photo is being taken. Ih and Luigi is still rocking that death stare from his Mario Kart days. Some memes just never die.

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Top 10 Best 'Super Mario Party' Minigames
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