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Top 10 Competitive Pokémon

The Top 10 Best Pokémon to Use in Competitive Play to Get Those Wins

Pokémon is a complex game with many different combinations and strategies to master the hardest of these being competitive play. 

If we put the hard to master EV and IV training aside for a minute we can get down to the bear bones of Pokémon: The Pokémon themselves of course.

Some Pokémon are good for competitive play just based upon their stats and some are good because of special moves or abilities. In this list, I will combine both of these attributes into 10 good Pokémon to use.

Number 1: Garchomp

Garchomp is not a very complex Pokémon; however, its stats are remarkable and it has a rather unique ability called rough skin. This ability has the power to deal damage back to an attacking Pokémon if the attack is physical. You can also give Garchomp the rocky helmet item which causes the same effect as the ability boosting the damage dealt by a large amount. I would recommend that you do not mega evolve Garchomp and instead give it the rocky helmet.

Number 2: Rattata

Rattata is only a good Pokémon because of a special combination of moves and items. You will need a level 1 Rattata and you want to give it a focus sash which will allow it to service a KO move with 1 HP (this will be all moves). You will also want to have that Rattata learn the moves endeavour and quick attack. Endeavour will make the enemy Pokémon drop down to the same HP as the user which because of the focus sash will be 1 HP, then you want to make your Rattata use the move quick attack (which will always go first) and defeat the enemy Pokémon before it can recover. 

Number 3: Mimyku

Mimyku is a very powerful Pokémon due to its ability disguise. This ability allows Mimyku to take its first hit without any damage which allows it to set up a status move. The status move I would suggest is sword dance which ups Mimyku’s physical attack stat by 2 levels. The other moves I would suggest using are play rough, shadow claw, and protect. Play rough and shadow claw are very powerful physically attacking moves and protect to prolong turns.

Number 4: Magnamite

Magnamite is like Rattata to the point that it is only very good due to a unique set of moves, abilities, and items that it can offer. With Magnamite you want to make sure that it is level 1, has the sturdy ability (survive and KO with 1 HP), is holding a berry juice (will restore to full HO), and has the moves recycle and toxic. What it can do is that you can throw it out onto the field and use toxic on its first move which will badly poison the opponent which will slowly eat away at its health; meanwhile Magnamite will be healing with its berry juice from every attack and due to Magnamite constantly using recycle, the berry juice will be able to just keep being used over and over again until the opponent faints or switches Pokémon.

Number 5: Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko is a good Pokémon due to it having a very high speed stat and the ability to change the terrain to suit electric type moves. It also possesses a very high special attack stat which, with its high speed stat, allows it to sweep through teams before they can make a move back. Moves I would recommend using are electro ball, thunderbolt, vault tackle, and protect.

Number 6: Snorlax

Snorlax is a Pokémon that is very slow; however, it has a very high defence and HP star making it a tank in competitive play. One strategy you can do with it is you can use a chesto berry after using rest which will instantly wake up Snorlax after so it will have full HP once again. Moves I would recommend using are rest, protect, body slam, and hyper beam.

Number 7: Alakazam

Alakazam is a Pokémon with a very high special attack which is capable of sweeping through teams and can be mega evolved to enhance its power. I would recommend using the moves psychic, psybeam, protect, and calm mind.

Number 8: Gengar

Gengar is a very good Pokémon as it can be mega evolved to have a high base stat total and it can use moves like hypnosis and confuse Ray to stall opponents whilst it deals high damage. It can also use dream eater, which deals very high damage and heals itself when used on a sleeping target. I would recommend using the moves hypnosis, confuse ray, shadow ball, and dream eater.

Number 9: Terrakion

Terrakion is a mythical Pokémon from Pokémon: Black and White 2 with a very high physical attack and physical defence stat allowing it to take powerful hits and then deal them back out again. I would suggest using Rockium Z on this Pokémon to deal a devastating Z move and dealing a very high amount of damage. I would recommend using close combat, stone edge, swords dance, and protect.

Number 10: Incineroar

Despite being a starter Pokémon Incineroar is a very useful Pokémon in competitive play as it is fast and has a high physical attack. It is very useful as a sweeper but also using fake out to flinch opponents is a good strategy. I would recommend using the moves flamethrower, fake out, flare blitz, and protect.

That is all 10 Pokémon that I think are very useful in competitive play. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope my views can help you someday. Be sure to leave a tip as it’s always appreciated and I will write again soon. Thanks for reading 😁.

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Top 10 Competitive Pokémon
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