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Top 10 Funny 'Fortnite' Moments

With so many streamers on this game every day, it's not hard to believe how many funny 'Fortnite' moments there are out there for your entertainment.

When it comes to Fortnite, you’re almost always bound for a good time! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 funny Fortnite moments!

For this list, we’re looking at some of the funniest moments players have created or encountered while playing Fortnite.

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#10: Sudden Death, Beast99109 1

Killstreak videos are great and all, but the real entertainment lies in the intense 1v1 shootouts! Of them all, this clip from Beast99109 1 (wow, that’s a lot of numbers) had us laughing at his opponent while also sitting at the edge of our seats. Beast was at A SINGLE HIT POINT, and somehow, their rival had failed to take them out with 2 clingers and a few bullets. How did Beast survive? Well, Beast managed to bait him into a spike trap. We can only the fire burning inside his foe.

#9: Should Have Called a Medic, WEAZEL211

If you’re confident that you’ll make it into the last couple of circles, you may find yourself at a stalemate with your rival, or, in some cases, rivals. At this point, it’s important to make sure you’ve stocked up on health items, just like Weazel211 did. We just hope you don’t suffer the same fate as them. As the circle closed in, Weazel managed to set up a few campfires to stall their decreasing health bar. However, the game somehow despawned the tile they were standing on, and Weazel plummeted to their death. Good thing this only happened in Playground mode!

#8: Kart-jacking, Trz1522

Ever since their introduction, ATK’s have evolved many players’ strategies. Surely, we aren’t the only ones who started thinking about attempting grand theft auto, right? Trz1522 managed to pull off some version of that by gliding onto a kart being driven by two enemy players. Realizing this, Trz quickly eliminates the passenger before jumping off and shooting at the driver. In a weird way, this is reminiscent of the scene in Deadpool where our hero beats up the baddies while they’re driving down the highway. Ah, that was a good one!

#7: Form a Line, Sneakyb71

It’s not often that you’ll see more than a couple of players doing something silly. When you do, it’s probably because the players are in a party together. However, what Sneakyb71 encountered was a rare (and strange) occurrence. While venturing through Tilted Towers, Sneaky found a small line of players forming their own conga line. Well, more like a “crouching” line. Instead of being a jerk and getting some free eliminations, Sneaky and his teammate joined the line. Besides, someone tried doing so later on. They were swiftly filled with bullets.

#6: An Honorable Surrender, Bignastyboi3414

Have you ever tried winning a game of Squads going solo? News flash—it’s hard as sh**! Well...for us, at least. The hilariously named “Bignastyboi3414” managed to make it to the final circle, hiding from a full squad of four. When he was found, he put on a happy jig for their amusement. Clearly, he wasn’t going to put up much of a fight. That’d be suicide! Instead, they sent him flying on a missile before shooting him down. At least he was able to go out while rocking on his guitar!

#5: “I Don’t Need No Building” DanielHardy779

It’s easy to get lazy and over-confident in a game like Fortnite. Once you think things are going according to plan, the game can change on you in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, for DanielHardy779, this was the funniest version of the truth. In a game of the “Getaway” mode, Daniel and his Squad managed to beat their enemies to a safe. One of his teammates reminded Daniel to build, to which he responded, “I don’t need no building.” He was swiftly eliminated via Clinger. Let this be a lesson, kids—if you think you don’t need to build, BUILD ANYWAY!

#4: Bathroom Victory, Tfue

While we’re talking about crucial lessons, here’s another one: go to the bathroom IN BETWEEN games, not during! This will almost always work against you, especially in the last moments of a match... Except if you’re a player like Tfue… After secluding himself in a bathroom in-game, Tfue decided to go drain the lizard in his real bathroom. A few moments later, his last opponent is eliminated by the storm, earning him the victory. You got lucky with this one, mate! Try not to push it too much, okay?

#3: “I Am One with the Force, and the Force is One With Me”, TSM_Myth

Myth is one of the most entertaining Fortnite streamers to watch, thanks to his goofy personality and expert skill level. When he’s streaming with his girlfriend, Pokimane, things get even funnier, especially when he’s trolling her. For example, this clip shows Myth and the squad fighting off an enemy team. The fight gets so hectic that he begins repeating, “I am one with the Force, and the Force is one with me.” This overwhelms Pokimane, but you can tell they were both in on the joke. Seriously, though, good Rogue One reference, Myth.

#2: DrLupo: Drifter Hunter, DrLupo

He may not hold the same massive fanbase as Myth or Ninja, but there’s no denying how hilarious DrLupo can be. In this clip, Lupo and the squad notice a Drifter hiding in a bush. Obviously, this was a player who was AFK, and DrLupo seized the opportunity to bring us his own nature documentary. Just when things are getting good, our subject begins shooting at Lupo and is promptly eliminated. That player probably should have remained AFK and prayed that Lupo would have left him alone after the bit.

#1: A Daring Rescue, MrMuselk

This is perhaps the most famous moment in Fortnite history. After eliminating an enemy player, MrMuselk noticed a lone player stranded at the bottom of the map. After building a staircase to rescue them, Muselk discovered there was a lower build limit. So, he grabbed an ATK nearby and drove off the cliff to pick them up. However, when Muselk landed, he ended up knocking the player off the map, eliminating them in the process. This was so funny that even the official Fortnite Twitter account shared this, and to commemorate the event, Epic put in a tombstone and a set of tires, ensuring this never happens again.

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