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Top 10 Hardest Overwatch Trophies

Based on My Own Opinions

Overwatch is a fantastic multiplayer shooter that I would recommend even the most casual of gamers to try out. It's easy to learn but hard to master and this is reflected in its (currently) 70 trophies/achievements that are spread out over 26 heroes. For the sake of simplicity and the fact that I'm a PS4 player, I'm going to refer to them as trophies from now on.

Each hero has two personalised trophies where the player must complete a certain task in order to unlock the trophy.  Some of the trophies, especially the ones that aren't hero specific, are fairly straightforward with criteria such as reaching level 50 or winning a game without dying. Of course, trophies are supposed to be challenging but some of them require very specific events to occur, leaving a lot of them to be very situational to the point where it borders on unfair.

I've decided to list my personal top 10 hardest trophies to unlock based on how long they took for me to acquire and the percentage of people that have already unlocked it. I'll be basing this off the PS4 statistics so they may differ on the Xbox One or PC.

So, without further ado, here's the list for my top 10 hardest Overwatch trophies:

Honourable Mentions: Hack the Planet (Sombra), Enabler (Ana), The Iris Embraces You (Zenyatta), Huge Success (Symmetra), Did That Sting? (Widowmaker)

9. Slice and Dice—Kill four enemies with a single use of Genji's Dragonblade in Quick or Competitive Play. 10.1 percent

The "easiest" entry on this list may come as a surprise to some but it's a trophy that asks for very specific criteria to be met. Firstly you have to actually execute the kill, which is fair and kind of obvious. However, it has to be scoped whilst being a headshot, and all of this has to be done while airborne. It's a tough trophy to digest at first but it only scrapes the top 10 due to there being a cheesing method of obtaining the trophy just by jumping and shooting. This trophy took me about an hour or so of continuous trying.

9. Slice and Dice—Kill four enemies with a single use of Genji's Dragonblade in Quick or Competitive Play. 10.1 percent

There is no shortage of 'get four kills with a single use of *enter ultimate here*' in Overwatch. In fact, almost every hero with an ultimate that has high damage output has a trophy regarding getting four kills. However, in the case of Genji the glass cannon, while his blade deals a lot of damage, only requiring two swipes to kill a hero with 200 health, you are only given six seconds to complete this task. It ranks at number 9 as it becomes considerably easier if you have a decent Zarya on your team to wrangle them up with her ultimate. This trophy ended up taking me way longer to unlock than I'd like to admit. Maybe around 4-5 hours.

8. Roadkill—Kill four enemies with a single use of Junkrat's RIP-Tire in Quick or Competitive Play. 11.1 percent

I don't really have much to say about this one as it becomes almost trivial with the same set-up as the aforementioned Slice and Dice trophy. The difference with this trophy is that Junkrat controls a tyre that explodes either when the player chooses to detonate it or after a certain time limit (I believe it's about ten seconds). The tyre, while fast, is also vulnerable with its own health bar and I've experienced many-a-time where my tyre has been destroyed just as I go to detonate it. The only reason I've placed this one higher is due to the fact that it took me longer to obtain. However, 'Roadkill' and 'Slice and Dice' are more or less equal in difficulty in my eyes.

7. Mine Sweeper—Destroy 10 turrets or traps using Winston's Tesla Cannon without dying in Quick or Competitive Play. 3.1 percent

Truth be told, I have actually yet to obtain this trophy, amongst others to come on this list. Any trophy that asks for the player to do something X amount of times without dying is usually pretty hard. This definitely rings true for Winston's 'Mine Sweeper' as it also relies heavily on whether the enemy team contains a Symmetra, Junkrat or Torbjorn. Naturally, this trophy is easier to obtain when attacking but with Winston's low damage output, this trophy is a test of survival and endurance and the player must be prepared to seek out stray turrets that may be placed around the map. I completely suck at playing Winston so I feel like this trophy is going to block me from the Platinum for a while.

6. Power Overwhelming—Keep Zarya's particle cannon above 70 power for 60 seconds in Quick or Competitive Play. 9.0 percent

Another trophy I have yet to obtain but have come close to on several occasions, Zarya's 'Power Overwhelming' is definitely overwhelming. The criteria is relatively simple: keep her beam charged over 70 for one minute. However, any Zarya player knows that the only way to charge her beam is to shield herself and other players and have the shield absorb damage from enemies. This mechanic in itself is hard to get used to with Zarya not having any other abilities, effectively rendering her defenceless if her barriers are on cooldown, apart from her 400 health. To get the beam to 70 can be quite a task depending on how efficient and well timed your barriers are but to keep it above 70 for over one minute requires constant combat for that 60 seconds. I've only managed to get around 40 seconds until the enemies have either been eradicated or I've been killed by a headshot from Widowmaker.

5. The Path is Closed—Destroy three of Symmetra's Teleporter's in a single Quick or Competitive Play game. 2.6 percent

I have an issue with this trophy because it is probably the most situational trophy in the game. The premise is simple and some may be surprised to see that only two-percent of players have this trophy but it's another trophy that heavily relies on a Symmetra being present, rendering the trophy impossible otherwise. Whereas all other character trophies are possible on more or less every map, 'The Path is Closed' can only be achieved if a Symmetra is present, if she manages to execute at least three ultimates and hoping that all three are teleporters, then the player must find them and destroy them when they're often guarded by turrets. It's one of my least favourite trophies in the game and I've only ever managed to destroy two thanks to a shoddy Symmetra.

4. Rapid Discord—Get four kills or assists with Zenyatta's Orb of Discord within six seconds in Quick or Competitive Play. 1.5 percent

I don't really need to say much about this as even mentioning this trophy can strike fear into the most experienced of Overwatch players. This trophy certainly lives up to its 1.5 percent rarity. The Orb of Discord is sometimes awkward to lock onto players, especially if the enemy is moving around frantically. The player needs almost pinpoint aim as they must throw an orb onto four enemies, one at a time, and kill or assist in their deaths, all within six seconds. I've managed to rack up three kills just to either be killed or to run out of enemies.

3. Cratered—Hit six enemies with a single use of Doomfist's Meteor Strike in Quick or Competitive Play. 0.1 percent

This trophy is incredibly brutal and seemingly impossible with its 0.1% rarity. Somehow, I managed to obtain this trophy out of a panicked ultimate with a heaping of luck. Doomfist's ultimate can be devastating executed at the right place and time. Luckily, the trophy only asks for damage to six players and not kills. If it were kills, this would surely top the list.   

2. The Floor is Lava —Get three killing blows while wall riding as Lucio without dying in Quick or Competitive Play. 1.8 percent

Another infamous trophy that people shudder over the mention of its name. Lucio's wallriding is never really utilised as there are rarely many walls that allow wallriding for more than one second. There is a cheese method that most players use to obtain the trophy but even that is a risk and a longshot considering all three final blows must be completed without dying. This trophy is a nightmare and it stands as one of the most difficult trophies in Overwatch.

1. Halt State—Pull enemies into 1000 damage with a single use of Orisa's Halt! in Quick or Competitive Play. 0.4 percent

So, some people might be surprised that I placed Lucio's trophy at number two but I feel that the difficulty of both of Orisa's trophies are severely underestimated. While her 'Overclocked' trophy is rare, it's another situational trophy that requires a lot of combat and a team of DPS heroes against a team of tanks. 'Halt State', however, is nigh on impossible since Halt!'s pull only lasts for about half a second, and that's just a wild guess. Also, the trophy description is worded in a way that has confused a lot of players; me being among them. This trophy is similar to 'Overclocked' except it lasts for way less and the player is expected to pull enemies into 1000 damage, even when 'Overclocked' only asked for a damage output of 900. I see this trophy as the most difficult as the Halt! ability is relatively tricky to get the hang of and it is reliant on an ultimate with high damage and a few tanks to take the hit as well as making sure the player manages to time it perfectly.

Overall, there are a lot of challenging and sometimes frustrating trophies that Overwatch has to offer but these are my top 10. I'm sure some people will disagree (if anyone reads this at all) and this is my first writing piece on this website so I hope you enjoyed this list.

Thank you for reading.