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Top 10 Ridiculous Video Game Boss Battles

These 10 ridiculous video game boss battles will leave you scratching your head.

How did these guys ever get to be the boss? In WatchMojo's list below, we’ll be counting down the "Top 10 Ridiculous Video Game Boss Battles."

Please be advised: the following contains spoilers and mature content.

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#10: Bob the Killer Goldfish 'Earthworm Jim Series' (1994-1999)

Kicking off our list is the battle against the goldfish that craves galactic domination! After a long build up to an epic confrontation, it turns out that all you have to do is simply knock his bowl over and let him flop around. In the sequel, the build up is even given the Mortal Kombat treatment! However, that’s just a joke too. I mean, I guess that’s what a fight with a goldfish would be, right?

#9: Steroid Joker 'Batman Arkham Asylum' (2009)

Everyone knows the Joker as a villain that’s more about devious plans than one that relies on physical strength. As such, throughout the game fans wondered what kind of challenge the Joker would finally pose, as all the other bosses up until that point had been relatively authentic. Instead of playing to what the Joker is all about, the man who laughs instead injects himself with Titan formula and fought Batman as a hulk sized beast. I guess they’d run out of originality by that point?

#8: Pyramid Head 'Silent Hill 2' (2001)

Also known as the Red Pyramid, this boss is a silent and slow muscular man with a metal pyramid for a head. Dragging an enormous blade around behind, he stalks throughout the game, and apparently symbolizes the main character’s subconscious desire to be punished for being naughty. While we didn’t expect anything in this series to be cuddly, Pyramid Head’s unique look and menacing gait make him a standalone icon of the series. We’re sure that fans of the games were quite happy his film appearance wasn’t just a cheap rip off.

#7: Psycho Mantis 'Metal Gear Solid' (1998)

A psychic member of Foxhound, this villain assisted in the taking of Shadow Moses Island in the original game. Setting the stage for the series’ reputation of ridiculous bosses, he’s a psychopath with a gas mask cable of psychokinetic and telepathy power. Breaking the fourth wall, he addresses the gamer directly, reading your memory card, activating your controller’s rumble, and disconnecting your controller entirely during battle, making you change ports. What a douche!

#6: Mecha Hitler 'Wolfenstein 3D' (1992)

It wouldn’t be a true Nazi game without leveling Hitler, but who could have expected that he’d be packing a mech suit with quad mini guns? When halfway killed, he is blasted out of the armor, but continues to attack. Thankfully, he gets what he deserves and says his last words before inexplicably melting into a pile of blood and bone. Weird but… strangely satisfying.

#5: The Slot Machine 'Star Fox' (1993)

Thought you played the entire game? Well, the corridor shooter has a secret level called “Out of this Dimension.” There, you are sent into an alternate reality, circus music, spatial warping and space faces reign supreme. However, nothing prepares you for the boss, which turns out to be slot machine in space! Of course, to begin the battle you have to shoot the handle, and can only win by getting triple 7s!

#4: Titanic Toddler 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' (1993)

The SNES classic gave gamers an early taste of undead mayhem. So cue our surprise when in level eight we were forced to fight a quick moving 40-foot toddler with a bottle! Outrageously, you fight it off with guns, a bazooka, or by turning into a monster and punching it until it shrinks. Apparently in the 90s, video game violence was only acceptable if you were killing zombies, Nazis, or infants…

#3: Joe Head Joe 'Skullmonkeys' (1998)

This PS1 claymation has you navigate the planet of the Skull Monkeys, where a horrible creature lives in a hot dog factory! A skull monkey with a human head for a body, this boss is a digitization of some guy’s face. Even weirder are his attacks, which include rolling his eyes out at you, breathing fire, and belching toxic bubbles!

#2: Mara 'Shin Megami Tensei' Series a.k.a. 'Rebirth of the Goddess' (1992-)

This is a Japanese RPG, so anything goes. So you’ll have to believe us when we say that one of the bosses is a giant penis monster riding a golden chariot. No, we’re not just jumping to conclusions, “Mara” is a Japanese word for (clear throat). Interestingly, this boss isn’t very hard to beat…

#1: The Great Mighty Poo 'Conker’s Bad Fur Day' (2000) & 'Conker Live and Reloaded' (2005)

It can’t get any dirtier than this! Taking the top spot on our list is a boss that is quite literally a piece of crap with corn for teeth. The opera-singing boss of the fifth chapter, you beat the great and mighty poo by throwing rolls of toilet paper in his mouth and flushing him down the toilette…obviously! This is still the best example of video games as art we have to date.

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Top 10 Ridiculous Video Game Boss Battles
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