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Top 10 Video Game Glitches

The best video game glitches often catch us by surprise and have us laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Hmmm, this doesn’t look right at all. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for top 10 video game glitches.

Since there are so many glitches to choose from, we’ve decided to narrow down our list by steering clear of game breaking bugs, focusing on one glitch per game franchise, and ultimately judging these glitches based on their entertainment and notability factor.

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#10: Deformed Babies “Sims 3”(2009)

Lets start with something more relaxing, peaceful, and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING? A weird glitch that happens usually with newborn or infant Sims. We understand that their mothers will still love them. But how on earth does one give birth to something like that?

#9: The Catapult Swingset “Grand Theft Auto 4” (2008)

A game this big a detailed is bound to come with a few kinks, like the suicidal cops glitch. However, the one we’re going with is a glitch that’s not only humorous, but fun. Grab a car and drive to this swing set located at Firefly Projects in Broker. Then slowly drive up to it and then keep accelerating until … PULL!

#8: Hercules Check “NHL 13” (2012)

Now this could get me to sign up for NHL Game center. Alas, the only place to really see “the Hercules Check” is in NHL 13. The glitch occurs whenever you check another player into the open bench door while a line change is occurring. What makes this glitch even more awesome is that EA Sports released a video making fun of the glitch.

#7: Pimp My Wagon “Red Dead Redemption” (2010)

While you might think the Manimals deserve this title, we’ve instead given the prize to what one might imagine a modern gangsta would ride around in if he were around in old Wild West. Check out those Pimpin Hydraulics’ on that wooden chassis partna!!! Of course, since it's still a glitch, trying to actually drive one will result in... hmm…

#6: Bad Physics “Skate 3” (2010)

It was impossible to narrow down a single glitch from Skate 3, as the game’s unusual physics in Freeskate mode allows for some pretty hilarious moments, like trying to use the force to grab your board, or deciding to spontaneously visit the sewer by jumping through the sidewalk. Sadly, these glitches have often been cited as more entertaining than the game itself. Bummer.

#5: Ice Form from Cliff & Backwards Dragon “Skyrim” (2011)

Skyrim also has a lot of bugs to choose from, and for this list, we’re narrowing down two, the first happens at random when a dragon pulls a Powdered Toastman and ends up flying backwards, and the 2nd happens whenever you do the Ice Form Shout to an enemy on a cliffside. Woah, I did not see Foost-roh-dat coming.

#4: Missingno “Pokémon Red and Blue” (1998)

A popular exploited glitch that has since become legend, the bugged Pokémon with a name that stands for “Missing Number” appears by first talking to the man in Viridian City who teaches you how to catch Pokémon. Then, fly to Cinnabar Island and surf along the east coastline until the seemingly pixelated Pokémon appears. Confronting this glitch has 2 effects: it duplicates the sixth item in your inventory, but it also causes the Hall of Fame to crash.

#3: SHAUN!!! “Heavy Rain” (2010)

Caution: Spoiler Alert. In the final act of the game when you find out who the killer was, a rare glitch can appear in what is supposed to be a very emotional scene, turning it into comedic gold. There’s no direct feed footage of this bug in action nor is it known yet how to produce it, but regardless the constant "SHAUN!" is one video you have to check out.

#2: Geddan “Goldeneye 007” (1997)

This glitch happens whenever the cartridge in the N64 is tilted; causing NPC’s to spin erratically. But what makes this glitch memorable is what happened when you put the footage on the internet a little song called “Promise” by Hirose Kohmi, It, mixed with the erratic dancing this glitch causes, spawned an internet meme where people would dance in erratic poses done completely in editing.

#1: Minus World “Super Mario Bros.” (1985)

Mario takes the top spot on our list with the most famous glitch of all. While the backward long jump in Super Mario 64 was handy for exploitation, it can’t top the infamous minus world. Performed by clipping through the wall as shown here, It takes you to world negative 1, which is essentially world 2-2 but with one difference, it’s unbeatable. You are doomed to die here.

With so many glitches to choose from there’s a chance your favorite did not make the list. Let us know what your favorite glitches are, and for more informative top 10 lists published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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Top 10 Video Game Glitches
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