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Top 10 Worst Things Kratos Has Done

There will be a few questionable decisions made when you're on a quest for ultimate revenge. These are the worst things Kratos has done.

Kratos has done some god-awful stuff. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Kratos Has Done!

For this list, we’re looking at all of the selfish and unnecessarily violent things Kratos has done across the God of War games. There was quite a bit to wade through, too…

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#10: Blinds Typhon to Kill Prometheus

Sometimes, the Slayer of Gods needs to just leave others alone. Typhon is already grumpy about his imprisonment and inability to help his fellow Titans. The last thing he needs is some angry guy coming in, blinding him, and stealing his power. And that’s exactly what happens. The only reason for Kratos doing this is so he can use Typhon’s Bane to kill a chained-up Prometheus. Both Titans were completely defenseless, too! Prometheus was bound! As for Typhon, he can barely move in his prison! All you had to do was keep walking, Kratos! Why does everything you see have to die??

#9: Rips the Wings Off Icarus

Icarus has clearly seen better days. Upon meeting Kratos, he kind of comes off as a deranged (and somewhat delusional) angel. Our point is proven when he brags about his strong wings, which gives Kratos an idea and demands them for himself. Of course, Icarus wasn’t going to go down easy. What made Kratos want his wings so bad? Just so he can reach the Sisters of Fate. Granted, he does use them in God of War III, but couldn’t he at least spared Icarus rather than let him fall into the Underworld?

#8: Cuts Off Hermes’s Legs Just to Get His Boots

We can say that without a doubt, Hermes is the most annoying of the gods. Throughout the fight, Hermes mocks Kratos like a child making tasteless jokes, but does that really justify cutting off both of his legs? Just look at him! The guy is begging for mercy! Are you really about to make a man suffer just so you can get a new pair of kicks? At least he can scale walls and dash into enemies! I’m sure that was well worth the bloodshed and screams of agony, right, Kratos? Oh, and a plague is unleashed on the world. Good going, man.

#7: Abusing His Power as the God of War

What would you do as the God of War? Well, we already have some ideas floating in our heads. You could raise an army to challenge the gods, or command civilians to build temples in your honor. What does Kratos do with his power? Treat his people as if they were the Earth’s trash. Throughout the games, he makes no effort in trying to save anyone from dying and forces them to become sacrifices to solve puzzles. One guy has been killed by the Ghost of Sparta THREE times! How is that even possible?!

#6: Freeing Thera

Our bloodthirsty Spartan has made a few smart decisions during his murderous rampage. For instance, he managed to have the Titans fight by his side against the gods. Unfortunately, there are some Titans that should have been left behind, such as the lava Titan, Thera. While Kratos was able to earn a new power, he consequently freed Thera, which caused a massive volcanic eruption. In other words, Kratos has gained fire damage at the expense of an entire civilization. And we thought cutting Hermes’s legs off was petty…

#5: Tearing Off Helios’s Head

How could we forget one of the goriest scenes in video game history? Seeing Helios getting his head torn off while he’s still alive has been ingrained in our brains for eight years now. Hey, it’s a brutal scene! Kratos even uses his head as a weapon throughout the game! On top of traumatizing our “fragile, little minds,” the death of Helios results in the sun disappearing. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel that Kratos does not give a shit. Thanks for bringing the apocalypse, dude.

#4: Uses Poseidon’s Princess to Prop Up a Chain Wheel

You know, most heroes choose to save the damsel in distress. Heck, Mario’s been doing it for over thirty years, and all he gets is a cake. Ah! A Poseidon Princess! Not to worry, princess! Kratos shall save you! Its finally nice to see Kratos saving an innocent life. See? He’s fending off hellhounds and Olympian soldiers for her, and now he’s using her to hold up a chain wheel—wait, what?? Kratos! She’s done nothing to you! Why are you using a living person for your own personal gain? Come on, man, she just needed help! Can you go one minute without killing something?

#3: Causing a Flood by Killing Poseidon

“The death of Olympus means the death of us all!” Those were the last words of the King of the Seas before we were prompted to push that Circle button. How typical of Kratos to brush off that warning and beat him senseless. After finishing off Poseidon in one of the most brutal ways possible, a massive tidal wave is formed, drowning hundreds of civilians in the process. Kratos…my homie, my main man…maybe Poseidon wasn’t talking smack because this shows he was dropping a truth bomb the size of the flood you’ve caused. From the looks of things, maaayyyybeee killing the gods isn’t such a great idea.

#2: Unleashing Hell…Literally

As we have learned from the death of Helios, Hermes, and Poseidon, killing a god sets off a chain reaction of catastrophic events, but Kratos has no time to think about that! So, what could possibly go wrong if Hades were to be killed? Well, those souls of the damned have nowhere to go but up, which means Kratos has literally unleashed Hell on Earth. We can’t blame Hephaestus for his surprised reaction. Killing the God of the Underworld? How is that possible? Seriously, Kratos, causing a global flood wasn’t a sign that you might be taking things too far? What are we saying? He doesn’t care…

#1: Killing His Family

There’s no denying that Kratos killed his family. Tricked or not, the guy did it, and there’s no going back. However, we’re not just talking about his wife and daughter here. According to various flow charts you can find online, almost every single god or Titan he’s killed is related to him in some way. There are his brothers (Hercules, Hermes, and Ares), Uncle Poseidon, Uncle Hades, Auntie Hera, Grampa Cronos, great-great-grandmother Gaia, and, of course, Father Zeus. Basically, the God of War franchise is just one giant family issue. Is there a God of Family Therapy, by any chance?

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Top 10 Worst Things Kratos Has Done
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