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Top 5 Board Games to Play Drunk

Trust me, it's hilarious.

Looking for something fun to do with your friends when you're too broke to go out drinking, but still want to get super drunk? I have just the list for you. These have all been tested by myself and my friends in a drunken state. These range from super easy to super hard, but they are all super fun and I promise you and your friends will be laughing their butts off. Some of these you can make into drinking game, and some not so much, but honestly? Nothing's better than hanging with friends and getting super drunk while playing board games.

1. We Didn't Playtest This At All

Listen. This is probably one of the craziest games on the market. You will be screaming at how crazy this gets when you're playing with a good group of people. There are so many rules, ways to win, and ways to lose. We played this on New Year's after a few drinks, and we played rounds and rounds and rounds of this. It goes quick, or it can take forever, it just depends on how you play the cards. The drunker you are, the harder it is to play, but really that just adds to all the fun.

It's cheap, too, at only $11 on Amazon.

2. Dicecapades

This one is a little less complicated than the last one, but it's still so fun. You have so many different dice to play with and this game has trivia, physical challenges, and more. This one is good if you have a group of friends with a real competitive streak. I couldn't stop laughing, especially when my friend had to drunkenly try to balance on one foot while balancing dice on the other foot. (Please be safe, y'all, and watch out for your buddies.) This one is a little more expensive, but still cheaper than going out honestly.

It's on Amazon for $21 at the moment.

3. What Do You Meme?

I think we've all heard of this game, but have you played it? It's hilarious to make drunken memes and laugh at how bad they are. These memes often have bled into our lives after the fact and become certified-friend memes (inside jokes). The drunker you get, the funnier the memes tend to get—but the less sense they make. That's not a problem though, trust me. The rules are easy and it's almost like Cards Against Humanity.

It's currently $30 on Amazon.

4. Loaded Questions

Want to know things about your friends that you feel like they'd never tell? Play Loaded Questions while drunk. Loose lips become looser and you will learn A LOT about your friends. You can make funny answers or have truthful answers. Honestly, my friends and I make our rules with this game. There are no winners, we just keep going and guessing until we feel like stopping. Although the person with the most points at the end does get bragging rights for knowing our friends the most.

This amazing truth-spilling game is $18 on Amazon.

5. 'Mario Party 8'

Wait? Didn't I say board games? Mario Party 8 is a board game, it just so happens to be played on the Wii. This game is probably my favorite because it has everything you need. Personally, I get ridiculously competitive and so does the rest of the group. The mini games and trying to get the stars leads to screams and spilled drinks. No really, we've played this game drunk three times and spilled one drink each time. Things get thrown and we are all laughing. This is a good one guys. If you already have a Wii (original Wiis are under $100, from what I have seen), then Mario Party 8 is $30 on Amazon if you want to give it a shot!

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Top 5 Board Games to Play Drunk
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