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Top Tips for 'Wargroove'

Some Pieces of Advice for Those Chasing Down 'S' Ranks in the Game's Campaign

The turn-based strategy game Wargroove from developer Chucklefish released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC on February 1. Its tricky campaign has a main quest and a number of side quests on the map with the opportunity to achieve one to three stars for each one when you beat them. If you’re having a difficult time or looking to improve your skills, here are a few tips:

1. Utilize Critical Hits

Each unit (excluding Commanders) gets a special boost to their attack when you fulfill a certain requirement (e.g. positioning them next to a unit of the same type, placing them in cover, or not moving them). To maximise the damage they deal to enemies, you should be taking advantage of critical hits at every opportunity. Send spearmen and dogs out in groups, keep soldiers near to your Commander, and place archers in good positions so they can remain stationary to attack.

2. Check Enemy Reach

Always take a look at how far nearby enemies can move and attack so you stay safe and don’t take any avoidable damage. Move out of reach or into woods and hills rather than being out in the open.

3. Act Quickly

In similar strategy games, you might favour taking your time, advancing slowly, letting the enemy come to you, and ending turns without doing an awful lot. In Wargroove, if you want to get those S ranks you’re going to have to move fast because they’re awarded based on the number of turns (as revealed in a recent Wargroove dev blog). Don’t dither and don’t expend precious time and energy killing off all the enemies (units aren’t awarded XP and don’t level up). When your aim is to kill the Commander, capture the Stronghold or reach a certain point on the map, just head straight for the goal.

4. Learn Strengths and Weaknesses

Each unit is effective against certain units and vulnerable to others. Do your homework and try to learn these or keep checking them if you need to. It can be quite difficult to tell which units are which from the small icons, but a useful upcoming change (previewed in a tweet from the Wargroove account) will enable players to hover over the icons to view more info. Then you can recruit the right unit from your nearest barracks to meet the oncoming enemy head on.

5. Recruit and Reinforce

It’s a good idea to hire new units and heal your injured ones every turn if you have enough coin. Even if you think things are going well, the tide can quickly change and you might end up wishing you had a few extra healthy units. Coin doesn’t carry over so don’t worry about spending it all.

*Bonus Tip*

Capture neutral buildings with nearby injured units to keep them alive another turn and enable reinforcements to reach them. This might not work for everyone, but has rescued some of my units from seemingly certain death a few times. If you can’t move them out of enemy range, try sending them to capture a building. The enemy seems to prioritise attacking your buildings over attacking your units, so keep this little suggestion in mind as it might just save a unit from being defeated.

I hope these tips are helpful for those of you making your way through Wargroove’s tough, yet enjoyable campaign. Put them to good use and you should quickly get into the groove of this great tactics game.

About Author

I am Joseline Burns. I am a big fan of fantasy and horror movies, science, and psychology. Also, I am a teacher and PhD writer with over nine years of experience at thesis writing service and I led my own blogs for five years. I have many hobbies and I can write about everything. My main goal is to help people with self-development, to teach them to look at the situation from different sides.

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Top Tips for 'Wargroove'
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