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Uncanny Resemblances: Fictional Characters

In Which I List Sets of Characters That Bear More Than Just a Few Similarities

Photo created by Kittykun123 on DeviantArt

1. Tracer ('Overwatch'), Princess Garnet ('Final Fantasy IX'), and Mikasa Ackerman ('Attack on Titan')

It could just be me that is thinking way too hard about these things, but I think I would've died if I didn't point this out.

For the longest time I thought that Mikasa was basically Garnet in 2D, especially when both cut their hair short.

Then Lena Oxton (AKA Tracer) comes along, and I couldn't help but notice some similarities between her and Garnet as well.

They have all sorts of straps and bands covering different parts of their bodies, pale skin, rectangular-shaped eyes, heart-shaped faces and dark hair for one thing. However, Mikasa (understandably) and Garnet have more traditionally Japanese facial features, and regardless of whether it's long or short, Garnet's hair seems to be styled similarly to Mikasa's—straight, with bangs covering parts of her face. The two also wear white blouses, with the only differences lying in Garnet's puffy shoulders and wide sleeves.

Garnet and Tracer have thicker eyebrows, orange jumpsuits (that being the most obvious similarity), and gloves. The more amusing observation is that Garnet has white sleeves, while Tracer has white holsters.

Garnet's ankle boots are somewhere in between Mikasa's knee-high boots and Tracer's ergonomic runners. After all, they must be durable if she hasn't complained about them for four discs.

2. Kirby (Kirby franchise) and Jigglypuff ('Pokemon')

What's an "Uncanny Resemblances" list without the two perfectly pink puffs that probably started it all?

Those stubby legs and arms, their cute expressions—what's not to adore? I also like that although their eye shapes differ, they still have that same, azure shine in those big, endearing saucers.

But their appeal goes beyond their looks as well; they both adore singing (which happens to be their strongest abilities in battle) and floating around. They're also not afraid to take their aggression out on others when something goes wrong. Though let's be honest: would you rather have a puffball draw on your face for sleeping at their concert, or one beating the crap out of you for something you probably didn't even do?

3. Amy Rose (Sonic franchise) and Sakura Haruno ('Naruto')

I know everyone else has said it already, but I can't leave them off the list now, can I?

I'd say the resemblance is more "blatantly obvious" than "uncanny" here; they both have the spiky, short pink hair, the red headband, the green eyes, red sleeveless outfits, and short gloves.

But wait! We haven't even gotten to their non-physical similarities yet. They're pretty tough fighters in their own right, are crushing hard on certain someones (though one of them actually ends up in a canonical relationship with the object of their affections), and openly express their emotions towards things—usually pretty vehemently at that.

Is it also coincidental that Sakura means "cherry blossom" in Japanese, while Amy's last name is also a type of flower?

4. Xerxes IX ('Neko Atsume') and Sesshomaru ('InuYasha')

I may be the only person in the universe who made this connection.

I would honestly laugh if Sesshy was the inspiration for our favourite Persian cat from Neko Atsume. But seriously, don't they seem like they'd make the perfect companions?

They both have the "resting bitch face" going on, their main colour is white but love nevertheless covering themselves up in red, yellow, and purple-coloured garments, and have a very "noble" presence to them. It's just too cute to ignore.

That's all I really have to say about this one, to be honest.

5. Palutena ('Kid Icarus: Uprising') and Venus ('Huniepop')

Everyone else has already said it.

Sure, they have different hairstyles, and one of them prefers to be armoured up while the other likes to flaunt her features. But you nevertheless can't deny the strong resemblance between them. They definitely share the divine mythological aesthetic, although needless to say, their green hair is the immediate draw.

The similarities aren't just summed up in looks, however. Aside from both of them being goddesses (albeit one of Light and the other of Love), they address other characters in a regal manner, but can also be surprisingly playful and mischievous despite their maturity in their own ways (key phrase being "in their own ways").

There are some significant differences between the two. Palutena is shown to be kindhearted and altruistic towards others, not to mention wise. Venus, on the other hand, is rather condescending towards the player. Unlike Palutena, who provides guidance to Pit throughout his journey, Venus is constantly challenging the player with every step to literal heaven. And yes, Venus only pretty much cares about doing "the deed."

Still, they're both fun characters in their own right, and they complement each other well.

6. Elizabeth ('Bioshock: Infinite') and Belle ('Beauty and the Beast')

I wholeheartedly agree with everyone who says that Elizabeth and Belle bear striking similarities.

The developers of Bioshock: Infinite have even admitted to drawing inspiration from Disney princesses when they were characterizing Elizabeth, specifically Rapunzel (Tangled), Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and, obviously, Belle. Though I, as many others do, personally believe that the latter possesses the strongest similitude to the character with conceivably the best AI in gaming history.

It's apparent in their looks, for one thing. They both wear blue and white slim-fit dresses. They both have full lips, dark eyebrows and pale skin. They wear their hair in loose, low ponytails with strands that fall in front of their faces. They're even the same age in their respective stories—20 years old.

Their personalities also share many parallels. They are nonconformist, wondrous spirits with swan-like grace, a biting wit, and even a little bit of mischief to boot. These ladies even have a great sense of sarcastic humour (the scene where Belle humiliates Gaston especially has me in stitches every time I watch it).

Because of their demonstrably tremendous amount of free will, their determination knows no bounds, as they possess goals that are seemingly greater than themselves. However, due to their initial lack of experience in the real world, their naivety is exposed when faced with decisions, and are impulsive to the point of getting themselves into trouble. Of course, overtime, they become ready for anything, though this is much more true of Elizabeth than of Belle. Regardless of how they cope though, they soon grow in tune with their realities.

The fact that they are well-read contributes immensely to their intelligence, merit and receptivity, though it is because they choose to adopt such progressive attributes that they are as respectable as they are.

For all of their strengths, be that as it may, they also have their fair share of flaws beyond the ones mentioned earlier, which render them three-dimensional. We all know how manipulatively cold and bitter Elizabeth becomes in her revenge against Comstock, but even Belle can arguably be considered morally ambiguous as well.

Think about it—does she ever really try to connect with the townsfolk throughout the film? She only ever responds favourably to those who cater to her "quirks," and exclusively helps the individuals who she feels need and/or deserve it, namely the Beast.

Before she goes to live with the Beast, she spends the majority of her time isolated from everyone who isn't her father or the librarian, and yet complains about this "provincial life," rather than actually putting in the effort to enlighten the people for their own good, or at least trying to understand them and seeking common ground.

At the end, she chooses to leave the town behind having not left any kind of meaningful impact, but rather going against people she never took the time to learn about all her life. So to them, yes, she probably sucks as a person, but we don't blame her for thinking this way, however inconsiderate it may be.

You can't force change or any kind of belief onto someone who isn't willing to take that step on their own accord, which is precisely what both Belle and the Beast do, hence why their relationship blossoms naturally and meaningfully. They ultimately do what's right for them, and this is the more realistic approach to dealing with their problems.

But anyway, Belle is one of my all-time favourite fictional characters, and so it is amazing to be able to engage with a character that is similar to her in video game form.

7. Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic franchise) and Armin Arlert ('Attack on Titan')

Has anybody else noticed how similar Tails and Armin are?

I'm not even just talking about looks. Yes, both have blue eyes, and Armin is blonde while Tails has yellow fur, but the similarities extend to their personalities and actions as well. They're both intelligent and practical strategists who face their fears head on.

Still, although they're friendly and approachable on the one hand, they'll certainly use force when deemed necessary on the other. They are certainly forces to be reckoned with, regardless of how often they'd been mocked for their outer appearances and beliefs.

They also happen to be best friends with their franchises' respective main protagonists, always sticking by their side against all odds—and definitely helping to talk some sense into both.

Who knows, maybe Hajime Isayama did take some inspiration from our favourite twin-tailed genius!

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