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'Until Dawn: Rush of Blood' Is the Best Value for Money Game on PlayStation VR


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was not a #VR game I originally considered buying—at all! I am completely hopeless with anything #horror, seriously, watching a horror movie is easily on my top ten list of things to avoid.

I guess it’s because I become too engrossed in what I am watching, which leads me to fall for every little tactic employed to scare my socks off.

I can now gladly say though that I have worked through my trepidation of all things horror and have finished Rush of Blood. Yes, it is true, I screamed the whole way through it like a five-year-old infant calling for his mummy, but you know what—I actually enjoyed the experience.

And it was only about $20 USD, $25 AUD.

VR and Horror are The Perfect Mix

Developers #SupermassiveGames have continued their Until Dawn horror series with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood on Sony’s PlayStation VR.

If you haven’t donned a VR headset yet, then you may not grasp the immersive power of the VR experience. Applying that immersion to a VR horror shooter is one of the best fits for VR.

Over time, as developers explore the possibilities of VR further, the opportunities presented for gamers will be terrifyingly huge. I am not sure yet if I will be along for the whole ride now that I know its scary potential, but regardless of my inability with horror, there will definitely be hordes of horror fanatics eager for more.

The opening title sequence alone had me nervously exploring my surroundings in complete virtual anxiety of what was to come. One minute I am sitting in my lounge room, the next I am staring down hall ways having flashbacks of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was forever taking the headset off to reassure myself I was just sitting in my lounge room in the middle of the day—I know, I told you I was hopeless with horror.

This Game Is On Rails, Thankfully

#RushOfBlood has you exploring this messed up world of clowns, demons, spiders, and all things scary by placing your vulnerable arse on a roller coaster. This is a clever solution to overcome the problem of nausea that does effect some players on VR.

The roller coaster cart sets the pace of the game, allowing you to focus on shooting anything that comes your way. There is no getting off, all you can do is to explore your surroundings and prepare for the next wave of scary ridiculousness you know is just around the corner.

Along the way, there are junction points on the tracks that allow you to change your path by shooting a switch to change direction. These provide greater scope to later go back and explore the same levels with new routes or for hardcore trophy hunters, obtain all the collectibles and secrets hidden throughout the game.

Be Prepared for What Is Coming...

Regardless of the knowledge that something was coming, I was forever a sucker for the next wave of horrors that stripped away any manly perceptions that I once had of myself. The dark and gloomy corners, sounds, and creepy cut-scenes all contribute to the challenge of making it through to the end with some dignity.

Don’t get me wrong, blasting away ghouls with a shotgun is awesome, and for a rail-shooter, this game is one of the most fun VR experiences you can have. I just had to whine and cry about it the whole way. I want to be ready for the zombie apocalypse, I really do…

Overall there are seven levels with the each having a new theme and set of difficulties to test your horror stamina. At first, I was so apprehensive that I seriously wasn’t sure this game was for me.

By the end however, the gameplay sequence does follow a predictable format that does ease the tension. If you are familiar with the horror genre then the themes and shock approach will be nothing you have not seen before.

The big, huge, ENORMOUS difference is the VR immersion that peels a new layer back from your well-worn experience of horror.

It’s a Bloody Good Game

The list of games out so far on Sony’s VR have all for the most part been more about showcasing the possibilities of VR, rather than providing the consumer with a conventional expansive style of game that can be played for weeks to accomplish. Rush of Blood also falls into that space but when comparing the length of play, quality, and purchase price for this game, it definitely stand out as one of the top contenders to spend your hard earned clams.

It is a solid shooter that uses horror to great effect. It is not complicated or pretending to be anything more than it is—a bit of fun in your lounge room with your pants on. If you watch the above video, you will see that I screamed a lot (a little more than I would have liked), but you will also see that it was fun and well worth my perseverance to overcome my dislike for horror.

The other really positive point of this game is the price: it is so cheap! I watched a movie the other night at the cinema and it cost me the same amount of money. If the comparison was compared to a movie ticket alone, then this game would have to be considered a smart buy. When compared however to some of the other VR titles on offer, this game is a bargain of VR goodness that delivers what it says on the box—A Rush of Blood.

You have seen my reaction to this game, how did you fare?

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'Until Dawn: Rush of Blood' Is the Best Value for Money Game on PlayStation VR
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