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We Just Got Our First Look At 'Resident Evil 7's New Mutant, But What Is it?

Today, we finally got a glimpse at just what is lying in wait for us in Resident Evil VII.

Resident Evil VII has been under a lot of scrutiny for locking away those ghastly creatures we've all been dying to see. We've all been wondering the same thing: Will zombies return? Will we see lickers jumping across walls and ceilings while we pray we miraculously survive? Or will we fall victim to a family full of potential cannibals who may just be infected with some new virus all together? While the movies are headed in a much different direction, we're sure that this new virus may show up, if Capcom decides to let it do so.

Today, we finally got a glimpse at just what is lying in wait for us in Resident Evil VII. The answer is more gruesome than we could imagine and it has quite a few people wondering if the T-Abyss Virus is back. So lets take a look at this grizzly creature first and foremost.

Courtesy of GamesRadar and Capcom


The question about this new abomination is simply: "What is it?" The answer could lie heavily in the history of the franchise itself. While we're uncertain whether this creature is one of the Baker's or not, from the the trailer below, we do know that this thing can take a ton of bullets to the "face."

Resident Evil and its monsters have given us nightmares for years, and rest assured that this franchise is about to make us wet our pants all over again. But really, what is this new creature? Is it a zombie? Is it a tyrant? Just what the heck is it?

It's Definitely Not a Zombie

There's one thing I'm sure of with my knowledge of the series: this new baddie isn't a zombie. He's something new all together. He looks like a twisted combination of the Uroboros from Resident Evil 4 and the most recently exposed Resident Evil Revelations 2 virus called "T-Abyss".

Due to its odd mutations, and what we've seen before, the combination of the T-Abyss Virus and Uroboros would produce an all new creature that would send anyone running for the hills.

However, where would the Bakers come across such a thing? Did they discover some remnants of what Tricell and Umbrella had been working on in the area? What if the Bakers were an experiment all together lead by the once-alive Albert Wesker or even the infamous Ada Wong? There's so many unanswered questions since Resident Evil VII has successfully hidden much of its story throughout the series of trailers.

For now lets just sit back and watch this Baker-like family in American Horror Story Season 6 as a primer for terrorizing ourselves in Resident Evil VII.

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We Just Got Our First Look At 'Resident Evil 7's New Mutant, But What Is it?
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